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Digital Wish 2008 Holiday Promotion
Posted by Digital Wish Support at 04:31:08 PM Fri 11/14/2008
Looking for a way to make a difference this holiday season? Instead of wrapping up those musical reindeer socks this year, consider giving your favorite teacher the gift of technology. Use Digital Wish’s class locator to find your local school or teacher, and make a donation that will fund desperately needed classroom technology.   And the best part? Digital Wish matches your donation with an additional 2%-10% in cash back for the school, so 102%-110% of your donation goes directly towards benefiting your favorite classroom teachers and their students. Donations are always tax deductible. Run a Campaign Get a parent campaign together. If each parent donates just a little, the donations will quickly add up to a meaningful gift, such as a digital camera.  You can…
  • Make cash donations at any level, large or small.
  • Purchase holiday gifts directly from a teacher’s wish list. Write a personal note and we’ll ship your gift directly to the school.
  • Email or print your teacher's wish list from their profile to distribute to other parents, community members, or local companies interested in giving to local schools. Download a flyer to distribute to parents, the PTA or other community members.

  • Fundraising Help Available
    Posted by Heather Chirtea at 03:58:56 PM Fri 10/31/2008
    Digital Wish has just hired 2 full-time fundraising staff to pursue donations from Fortune 1,000 companies, for your schools. If you know of any local business that may be interested in donating to your school's technology program, we will be happy to contact them on your behalf. Please send any contact information you may have to Polly Davis, [email protected]

    If you haven't updated your profile in a while, please take this opportunity to do so. We're working very hard to increase donor funding for schools on Digital Wish, and great profiles are more likely to win grants. We've substantially expanded the product selection with SMART Boards, projectors, video and more -- so don't forget to update your wish list!

    SMART Boards Available
    Posted by Heather Chirtea at 05:13:44 PM Fri 09/26/2008
    SMART BoardTM interactive whiteboards and SMART products are now available from the shopping area at digitalwish.org. Be sure to update your wish list! When you select SMART products through Digital Wish, you can also choose your favorite local SMART Technologies dealer to install and service the products. Orders for SMART Boards are automatically passed through to local dealers so that schools can get the same great service they are accustomed to receiving.

    Houghton Mifflin Products Now Available
    Posted by Polly Davis at 08:03:47 PM Tue 07/29/2008
    Houghton Mifflin products are now available on Digital Wish! Teacher favorites such as Reader Rabbit and Kid Pix can now be added to your wishlists!

    Inspiration Adds New Lesson Plan Book
    Posted by Jen Sweeney at 02:44:11 PM Tue 06/03/2008
    The Kidspiration® in the Classroom: Math Made Visual lesson plan book supports teachers as they help students develop mathematical concepts, skills, thinking and reasoning. 30 lesson plans are included, aligned to NCTM standards and designed specifically to support K-5 math instruction using Kidspiration 3. Read more here.

    Knowledge Adventure Products Now Available
    Posted by Jen Sweeney at 02:58:46 PM Wed 05/21/2008
    Knowledge Adventure products are now available on Digital Wish! Browse the software curriculum titles to find favorites such as Math and Reading Blaster and the Jump Start Series!

    TechSmith Products Now Available
    Posted by Jen Sweeney at 02:57:23 PM Wed 05/21/2008
    TechSmith products are now available on Digital Wish! Camtasia and SnagIt software is now available under the "Screen Capture" category under Software Tools! Click here to check it out.

    Toon Boom Animation Software Now Available
    Posted by Jen Sweeney at 02:56:07 PM Wed 05/21/2008
    Toon Boom Animation software products are now available on Digital Wish! Toon Boom makes animation software for students from Kindergarten to the highest level of professional software! Check out the “Animation” link under Software Tools.

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