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Dell Netbook with Huge Preloaded Software Collection - Up to 48% Off!
Posted by Sky Kochenour at 04:11:53 PM Thu 11/03/2011
I wanted to let you know about two new Dell Netbook Software Bundles available for up to 48% off for educators on Digital Wish, while supplies last. Both bundles include the rugged, school-tested Dell Latitude 2120 netbook, a webcam, Microsoft OfficeProPlus 2010, a long-life 6-cell battery, a 3 year on-site warranty, and a huge collection of preloaded creative tools and curriculum software programs.

Dell Netbook with 11 Preloaded Software Tools for Video, Podcasting, Animation, and Media - Includes 11 software programs and online subscriptions covering major curriculum areas and tools for digital storytelling. $949, 48% off the retail price.

Dell Netbook with 5 Preloaded Software Programs for English, Science, Math, and Media - Includes 5 great software programs for podcasting, animation, and web-based movie-making and audio editing, mind mapping, cartooning, and clip art. $949, 40% off the retail price.


We only have limited quantities of each bundle. The promotion ends when supplies run out!

Tablets Now on Digital Wish!
Posted by Sky Kochenour at 07:51:11 PM Thu 10/13/2011
You can now purchase or fundraise for the Toshiba Thrive and Lenovo ThinkPad on Digital Wish. With these lightweight tablets, you can take pictures, record videos, and download countless educational apps. To help get these great tablets into classrooms, educators can save $19 on the 16GB model, $34 on the 32GB, and $39 on the 64GB of the Lenovo ThinkPad until October 31st!

Click here to see the Toshiba Thrive:

Click here to see the Lenovo ThinkPad:

Digital Wish is Selected as a Dell YouthConnect Recipient!
Posted by John Sullivan at 03:36:50 PM Sat 09/24/2011

Dell today announced a $3 million investment to expand its global giving program YouthConnect in the U.S. Twenty-four organizations based in the United States have been selected Dell YouthConnect recipients. More than 20,000 young people in Texas, Washington DC, California, Illinois, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Georgia and Florida will soon have access to state-of-the-art technology. Digital Wish is proud to have been chosen as one of the Dell YouthConnect recipients in the US. Dell YouthConnect is the company's signature giving program designed to help bridge the gap between the technology "haves" and the "have-nots" by placing Dell technology into underserved communities and working with non-profit organizations to teach information and technology skills.

One school in the Nashua School District will be selected to receive 37 laptops to create a program that provides one-computer-per-child in a selected classroom, and promotes the development of technology skills throughout the Nashua district. Students will use these laptops in the classroom during the day and take them home overnight. Laptops will also be provided for the teacher, the school's technology coordinator, and after school clubs. Digital Wish's trainers collaborate with the classroom educators to teach courses on innovation and creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, technology literacy, and collaborative learning. After school, students will work with Dell volunteers to build innovative projects that require problem solving.

This grant provides an incredible opportunity for the Nashua School District to train technology leaders from across the district. Digital Wish encourages internal staff to mentor one another in order to sustain the program beyond the term of this grant. The Nashua School District will be left with an entire methodology of technology integration, including worksheets, videos, and methodology from 7 unique curriculum units.

"Digital Wish's new program in Nashua builds on Dell's past support of our 1:1 computing initiative in 24 schools in Vermont," said Heather Chirtea, Executive Director of Digital Wish. "This new partnership with Dell will allow us to replicate all of those valuable lessons we learned in Vermont schools, and apply them directly in the Nashua School District, bringing us one step closer to putting relevant technology in every classroom in America."

The Dell YouthConnect Grant was awarded in the amount of $80,000 in financial support, oversight, and Dell products to increase access within the school. As importantly, local Dell champions will have many opportunities to volunteer their time in support of Nashua's learning program.

To learn more about the Dell YouthConnect program, visit www.dell.com/youthconnect

Lights, Camera, Slide Show: 25% Off on the New Digital Wish Deal!
Posted by John Sullivan at 06:32:56 PM Wed 05/18/2011

It’s that time of year again, when the battle between teachers and nice weather begins.  Luckily, Digital Wish has the ultimate tool for teachers to engage their students: the Stylus 7010 Bundle, featuring the Olympus STYLUS 7010 digital camera and Tool Factory Slide Show V3 software.

The Olympus STYLUS 7010 digital camera makes it easy to capture beautiful photographs for classroom projects.  It automatically switches to the style of scene the user is shooting, be it a simple portrait, panoramic landscape, detailed macro close-up, or fast-moving sports scene.  The camera packs a 7x zoom for getting in close and a wide angle lens lets you capture large groups or landscapes with ease.  Stabilization sensors in the camera make sure images comes out clear, even when the subject or the photographer is moving.

Students’ photos come together as a classroom project with Tool Factory Slide Show V3.  Drag a folder of photographs onto the page and Tool Factory Slide Show will transform the images to slides. Click the 'play' button and watch the photos come to life with eye-popping transitions.

Digital Wish combined these powerfully simple tools with a padded camera case for safe transport, and a spacious 2GB xD card for hours of creative shooting. At 25% off the retail price, the Digital Wish Stylus 7010 Bundle is available to PreK-12 educators only and is perfect for any grade!

Teachers and supporters alike can start an online fundraiser on Digital Wish in just a few clicks to get the Stylus 7010 Bundle in their favorite classroom.  To get started, visit DigitalWish.org

New Digital Wish Deal: The Podcasting Bundle- Almost 50% Off!
Posted by Digital Wish Support at 06:29:39 PM Tue 04/26/2011
Digital Wish is ending April with a bang and bringing teachers a classroom podcasting bundle for the next Digital Wish Deal! This stellar classroom podcasting bundle is almost 50% off the retail price found anywhere else. It includes the Olympus WS510M digital voice recorder, podcast-creation software, a noise reduction microphone, and the book/CD combos "A Simple Guide to Podcasting" and "Adventures in Podcasting" for just $159!

Check out the bundle here: http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/product?id=6628

WhitePages Unveils Run & Hug Contest to Find America's Favorite Teacher in Time for National Teacher Day
Posted by John Sullivan at 01:39:43 PM Mon 04/11/2011

While everyone may have differing opinions surrounding the debate to reform public schools, we can all agree that teachers -- some more than others -- play an incredibly important role in our lives. To help identify these exceptional teachers and to award one with the crown of "America's Favorite Teacher," WhitePages (www.whitepages.com) today announced the Run & Hug Contest. The crowned teacher, as well as the person who nominated them, will each win two all expenses paid trips to New York City where they will be reunited so the student can thank their favorite teacher in person. The winning teacher will also be awarded an additional $1,000. The Run & Hug winners will be announced on May 3, which is National Teacher Day and will be reunited sometime between May and July.

For every entry submitted, WhitePages will donate $5 to Digital Wish, a non-profit with a unique mission to modernize K-12 classrooms and prepare students for tomorrow's workforce by creating equity in school systems so that each child has equal access to technology.

"The nation's best teachers often times go unappreciated," said Alex Algard, CEO and founder of WhitePages. "Whether it's Waiting For Superman, President Obama's Race to the Top initiative or recent debates about teacher's benefits, at least one theme remains common... good teachers matter. The Run & Hug contest is a perfect opportunity to showcase just how much exceptional teachers touched the lives of their students."

From April 6th to April 22nd, people can go to www.runandhug.com to nominate teachers who have made a lasting impression on their life. All nominations will be posted and open for the U.S. public to vote on. People submitting the teachers, as well as the teacher themselves are encouraged to share their nomination with friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter since the nomination that receives the most votes will win the reunion. People are encouraged to submit their entries as early as possible to allow more time to accumulate the most votes.

Classroom Connection With Haiti Grows Stronger
Posted by John Sullivan at 03:39:57 PM Fri 03/11/2011

Written by guest blogger, Christine Berg

Editors Note: This article is a follow- up to a previous article, published in May 2010.  You can read the first article about Christine and Rondout Valley High School's correspondence with a school in Haiti here. For more information, including how you can help support the Haitian school, please contact John Sullivan at Digital Wish.

This past November, four teachers from the Haitian school visited Rondout Valley High School to give a video presentation of their school and what they have been doing with the funds we have been sending them since the January 2010 earthquake.  The presentation was filmed using the Flip camera, and they thanked us profusely for sending it because they feel that it has given them a way to communicate with the outside world and with potential supporters.  It really has been amazing to see the effect that such a small device can have on the lives of so many people!

The teachers at the school are focused on becoming self-supporting through sale of their art and the art that the children make at the school.  The Flip Camera is helping them to gain exposure for what they are doing in the United States.  They are so hardworking, and their goal is to rebuild Haiti by teaching the children to be productive.

This has been a life-changing experience for me and my students.  The Haitians we have met are such resilient, courageous and truly beautiful people.  I would like as many people as possible to know about what they have accomplished in the face of such tragedy.

Check out footage from the Haitian's Flip Cameras below!

Editors Note: These short clips were filmed with Flip Camera models from 2009 and are not representative of the HD picture that is captured with the Flip UltraHD™ cameras currently on Digital Wish.

Where to Find Funding for Technology
Posted by John Sullivan at 07:44:43 PM Fri 02/25/2011

By Heather Chirtea
Executive Director, Digital Wish

It’s not always easy to find funding for your favorite technology products, but here
are a few ideas you may not have thought of.

Recycle Old Technology to Buy New Technology
The Recycle Forward program from Digital Wish allows you to earn money for new technology products by recycling your old cell phones, ink cartridges, and other technology items. Simply print signs, set up a drop-box, and print free shipping labels. Our local school raised $850 during a community drop day.

Your Training Budget Might Cover Hardware
Many schools have a surplus of training funds and a deficit of hardware funding. Talk to your hardware vendor and see if they will provide professional development together with the equipment you are purchasing. If so, you could ask your vendor to give you a quote on "training with hardware included.” Your technology purchases might suddenly qualify for training budgets. Be sure to check what is allowable with each grant or funding source.

Target the Copy Budget

Consider distributing your school newsletter by email to save money on copies.
Then, use the savings to purchase new technology. Also, calculate the cost
savings that will be made with a paperless system. The copy budget would
be dramatically reduced, in fact slashed, if all your students suddenly turned
in their work electronically. There's also a fantastic move to "go green,” save
trees, and reduce your school’s footprint by reducing your paper consumption.

Target the Textbook Budget
It would certainly take a major re-work of the school's curriculum to eliminate even a single textbook, but consider calculating the cost of textbook purchases versus computer purchases. You may be able to fund a computer for every student at a similar cost over a 4-year period. Computers have recently dropped dramatically in price.

Title 1
If your school has "school-wide" designation for Title 1, then it may be possible to use Title 1 funding for school-wide computer purchases. These regulations may vary by state.

Have Students Bring Computers From Home
If you are planning a one-computer-per-child initiative, do a quick survey to find
out how many students have computers at home that might be used in school.
Your school’s IT Coordinator will need to equip these home systems with the
school’s virus protection and internet filtering, but the cost may be appreciably
less than purchasing a brand new computer for every student.

Consider Refurbished Computers
Again, for a school considering the purchase of one-computer-per-child, you can often get three times more refurbished equipment for the same price as new computers. If you go this route, be sure to purchase the maximum extended warranty.

Fundraise on Digital Wish
Have your teachers make technology wish lists at www.digitalwish.org, then invite parents and community members to donate! The site also offers special educator-only discounts and grants, like a 2-for-1 promotion on Flip video cameras. Contributors can purchase items directly from a teacher’s technology wish list, or make any contribution large or small.

You may republish this article and the images (together) in your newsletter, as long as you include the following credit:

By Heather Chirtea, Executive Director, Digital Wish, heather@digitalwish.org

Digital Wish is on a mission to solve technology shortfalls in American classrooms. Invite your teachers to make their technology wish lists at www.digitalwish.org, then invite parents and community members to donate.  Flip video cameras are available to US schools through a 2-for-1 matching program. Digital Wish has brought technology grants to over 22,000 classrooms and maintains a vibrant community of over 50,000 educators.

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