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Posted December 04, 2012 by:
Nicole Naditz
Bella Vista High School
Fair Oaks, CA

Opening career doors with Fren

Grade: 9 - 12    
Expires: June 01, 2013
Days Left: 0
Volunteer Now!

The Ideal Volunteer:

We are seeking career professionals in all fields who use French to accomplish their professional responsibilities and who could participate in Skype calls with French students.

Read About This Project:

Does your company rely on French-speaking employees in order to interact with customers or business partners? American companies are in constant need of employees who possess world language skills in a variety of languages, including French, in addition to industry-specific expertise, but the American public is largely unaware of this need. If you would French to complete your day-to-day work, my students would like to participate in a Skype conversation with you. We are looking for representation from a variety of fields, and we would also be interested in doing collaborative projects with your company or using online media to "shadow" an aspect of your work