Donation Form - Ms. Olga S. Salas
Help your local teachers get the technology items they need. Please sponsor any item below or make a donation in any amount. Every dollar helps!
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Product ID Title Unit Price Quantity Price
4450 Sharp EL-520 Scientific Calculator $14.95 _____ $_________
4225 Epson PowerLite LCD Projector $999.95 _____ $_________
4001-PA Student Animal-Themed Headphones $18.00 _____ $_________
4001-BE Student Animal-Themed Headphones (Needs 2) $18.00 _____ $_________
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  Tax (5%, Vermont Only): $_________
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Please make all checks payable to "Digital Wish". Please return payment along with this form to the appropriate teacher. Or mail with payment to:

Digital Wish
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Milton, DE 19968

For more information on these products, or to purchase online, visit, or call (866) 344-7758.