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Keywords: podcasting, computer repair, viruses, spyware, technology
Subject(s): Technology
Grades 10 through 12
School: East Ascension High School, Gonzales, LA
Planned By: Nathan Catlin
Original Author: Nathan Catlin, Gonzales
1. TLW demonstrate one process of safeguarding a computer or data.
2. TLW describe the processes undertaken using appropriate vocabulary and pace for the intended audience.
3. TLW evaluate their product and post the videos for others to evaluate.

Video Camera
Digital voice recorder
Personal Computer
Internet Connection

1. Students will be paired and assigned, or choose, a specific topic. Topics will include Virus protection, SPAM protection, Spyware protection, setting up a personal firewall, Data archiving, Phishing scam education.
2. Students should thoroughly research their topic.
3. Students will use research to create a plan of action to safeguard themselves, computer, and data from their specific threat.
4. Research and plan of action will be presented to class. The class will discuss if the material is technically accurate, executable, and not cost prohibitive.
5. After a pair has their research and plan of action approved by the class they will carry out their plan of action on a computer. Several methods will be available for documenting progress. (Video camera, Screen recorder, Digital camera)
6. When the plan of action is complete the photos and/or video will be compiled into a logical order using a video editing software.
7. Students will use a digital voice recorder to record narration for the video that they have created. They will attach the narration to the video and compile the video into a common format. (WMV, mpeg, AVI)
8. The video must then either be setup as a podcast or embedded in a web page on my site.

1. Was the product technically accurate?
2. Was the product easily understood?
3. Can a casual computer user implement the plan described?
4. Would a casual computer user be able to easily understand and follow the prescribed procedures?
5. Was the solution thorough and acceptable?
Links: Link to Download.com
Materials: Point and Shoot, Podcasting, Video Editing, Camera Bags, Digital Voice Recorders, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries