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4 Steps to Get EdTech Funding

Step 1: Check if you Qualify

Check out the rules in this 2 minute video.

Watch the long version here.

Step 2: Quantify the Need

Determine how many students need home internet coverage and computing devices.

Get a Free Parent Survey -- Sign up here

Send it out through your school's parent notification system!

BrightBytes will send you a survey report to support your ECF application. See the 2-minute demo or watch the webinar.

Step 3: Get Price Quotes

Shop for hotspots, laptops and tablets, or Chromebooks on Digital Wish.

Email [email protected] for a quote, or contact your favorite vendors.

Step 4: Get Ready to Apply

New application window opens September 28. Deadline October 13. Do these things to get started:

Need official information? Check the Federal program site here. Deadline October 13.

Step 5: Questions?

Questions? Contact Digital Wish
OR [email protected]