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Step 1: Check if you Qualify

Check out the rules in this 2 minute video.

Watch the long version here.

Step 2: Quantify the Need

Schools need to determine how many students don't have adequate home internet coverage and computing devices.

Free Survey is Available -- Just Ask!

Digital Wish has partnered with BrightBytes to develop a FREE survey with questions designed around the E-rate funding guidelines. BrightBytes will provide a single survey link and you can send it to parents through your school's emergency "snow day" notification system. You CAN reach parents even though school is out for the summer! Afterwards, BrightBytes will send you a survey report to support your application for funding. Check back on June 23rd. The registration link for the free survey will be right HERE.

Step 3: Get Price Quotes

Get price quotes on equipment.

  • Nonprofit Digital Wish can help. Email [email protected] for a quote on hotspots, internet, and computing devices, or contact your favorite vendors for a quote.

Step 4: Get Ready to Apply

The application window opens on June 29th. Deadline August 13. If you need a consultant, contact Funds for Learning. Do these things to get started:

Need official information? Check the Federal program site here. Deadline: August 13.

Step 5: Want to learn more?

Digital Wish is on a Mission to Solve the Digital Divide:
Every child deserves a technology-rich education that will provide
them with the skills necessary to excel in the global economy.