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Digital Wish is on a Mission to Solve Technology Shortfalls in Classrooms!

Digital Wish believes that every child deserves a technology-rich education that will provide them with the skills necessary to excel in the global economy. Every day, Digital Wish develops new online tools and promotions that empower teachers and their supporters to get new technology for their classrooms and enhance learning for our children. With your help, we can provide the resources our schools need to thrive.

We invite you to invest in our children's future!

Our Story

In 2006, Digital Wish founder Heather Chirtea's twins were enrolled in a small, rural elementary school on the brink of closure. In order to keep the school open and preserve its small class sizes, 62 kids embarked on a letter writing campaign to the local community describing the value of the school and explaining to community members exactly how they could help. In just 3 months, those 62 kids helped raise over $20,000 in donations, in-kind help, and volunteer hours that saved the school. Members of the community reported, "I wanted to help the school, I just didn't know how until the students' letters arrived." It was a powerful lesson. The community was ready to help, but they needed an organized mechanism to do so.

From this experience came the idea for a website to empower teachers to solve their own technology shortfalls by connecting classrooms with their communities using the Internet. A year later, www.digitalwish.org launched with a simple wish list feature and a few technology products. The need for classroom technology was so great that 1,000 teachers posted wishes in the first month. With such high demand, we began the process of turning Digital Wish into an official nonprofit organization.

In September of 2008, Digital Wish officially became a nonprofit and one week later Digital Wish received its first grant to scale operations and rebuild its website to serve the ever-increasing demand from teachers.

Since August 2009, Digital Wish has granted over 34,000 classroom technology wishes and delivered over $17 million in technology products to American classrooms. However, we've still only scratched the surface of the need.

Our Research

In March of 2020, shortly after COVID-19 caused near total school closures nationwide, Digital Wish conducted a research study to identify the state of connectivity school-to-home. The survey of over 3,500 front line educators revealed that 10.6M students don't have at-home internet connectivity and 11.8M students don't have the computers necessary to access digital learning at home. Read The Education Connectivity Report here.

Our Vision
Digital Wish envisions a day when every child has the educational technology they need to connect to their classroom teachers from anywhere.

Join us and grant a classroom technology wish!


How Can Teachers Get New Technology for Their Classrooms?

Make a Wish - Tell your community what you need!

Make a "Wish List" of technology items your classroom needs, then reach out to potential supporters who can buy wish list items or make cash contributions towards the new technology.

Get Grants - Locate new funding sources.

Just by registering on Digital Wish, you are automatically eligible for matching grants. You can also search for grants from a library of third-party sources or write a lesson plan to apply for a Digital Wish grant.

Fundraise - Start a fundraiser for classroom technology in just a few minutes.

Build a giving page and recruit supporters for your classroom in a few mouse clicks! Start a recycling drive and earn money towards new technology for your classroom. Get creative ideas for raising money from our fundraising library, or start a letter writing campaign to tell your local community how they can support your classroom.

Teaching Resources - Learn new ways to integrate technology.

Visit the Lesson Plan Library and for a host of creative ideas for integrating technology into your curriculum - all written by teachers, for teachers.

Get the Word Out - Connect with your supporters.

Print flyers and tell your community about your wish list needs. You can also email your wish list to friends and family, create and share an online fundraising page, or invite friends to join your cause.

Digital Wish provides educators everything they need to solve technology shortfalls in their own classrooms.


How Can You Put Technology in Your Favorite Classrooms?

Digital Wish believes that every child deserves a technology-rich education that will provide them with the skills necessary to excel in the global economy.

Grant A Wish

Use our simple class locator to browse for your favorite classrooms nationwide and purchase items directly from teachers' wish lists. All purchases ship directly to the schools. We even call the school to verify the educator's status, confirm the shipping address, and ensure that your donation reaches the intended classroom.

Donate to a Classroom

Donate funds to your favorite classroom online with the assurance that 100% of your funding will directly benefit the technology program. Educators can spend donated funds on new technology items for their classrooms at checkout. Digital Wish negotiates a constant stream of manufacturers' discounts and matching grants for schools so that your donated dollars go further!

Start a Fundraiser

Raise money for your favorite classroom! With just a few mouse clicks, you can create a fundraising page with online credit card processing that allows all of your friends and family to donate money directly to your favorite classroom account. Your Digital Wish fundraising web page can be quickly shared through Facebook, Twitter, and email, and posters can be printed directly from the site. Digital Wish has made recruiting potential supporters and raising money for technology as easy as clicking a button.

Spread the Word

Tell your friends, family, and coworkers about Digital Wish and help make a deeper impact in American classrooms.


Digital Wish empowers YOU to make classroom technology wishes come true!


How Can Your PTA / PTO Support Technology Programs?

Digital Wish makes online fundraising with credit card processing easy!

Start an Online Fundraiser for Any Event

Your organization can create an online giving page for any event in less than five minutes, then spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, and email. Any member of your PTA / PTO can set up an online fundraising page in just a few mouse clicks, complete with online credit card processing.

Grant More Wishes

Digital Wish works directly with manufacturers to offer special discounts and matching programs that are ONLY available to schools. Simply browse for your favorite classroom and purchase items directly from the teacher's wish list. All manufacturers' discounts and matching programs will be automatically applied at checkout.

Digital Wish empowers PTAs / PTOs to fundraise for classroom technology!