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Map Your School to Scale

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Keywords: Social Studies, Map Skills
Subject(s): Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Photography
Grades 3 through 8
School: John W Bonner Elementary Sch, Las Vegas, NV
Planned By: Patrick Jacobson
Original Author: Patrick Jacobson, Las Vegas
Objective: Students will learn how maps are created by creating their own maps.

Procedures: Students will review map symbols, scales, and purpose with teacher. Students will be given materials to create and document/photograph/sketch relevent areas.

1. Students will take pictures and use tape measures and yard sticks to measure areas being mapped.
2. Students will use information to draw maps of white construction paper to scale. i.e. 1" = x number of feet. Students will need to calculate this to make sure area being mapped fits on paper.
3. Students will create appropriate symbols to place on maps. i.e. playground equipment, bathrooms, classrooms, etc...
4. Students may print pictures to place on maps where appropriate.
5. Students who do an exceptional job may use computer lab and drawing software to create maps.

Materials: Camaras, yardsticks, construction paper, printer paper for pictures, pincils, crayons, pins, markers,computers, clipart.

Assessment: Students maps will be assessed and evaluated for accuracy.
Materials: Point and Shoot, Paint, xD Memory Cards