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Asia Integrated Technology Social Studies Unit

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Keywords: geography, telecommunications, Asia, geology, culture
Subject(s): Social Studies, Technology, Social Skills, Art, Geometry, Science, Math
Grades 3 through 4
School: Wilson Creek School, Wilson Creek, WA
Planned By: Veronica Clinton
Original Author: Veronica Clinton, Wilson Creek
Three Essential Questions will guide an Integrated Asia Social Studies Unit. Students will construct their own learning, work at their instructional level, frequently be assessed and assess themselves while developing 21st Century skills.
“How does where people live, and the land they live on, affect culture?”, focuses on how the geography and geology of the Pacific Rim affects culture (Geography 1.1-2.3). Students will use image maps in Excel to develop their geographic skills and complete a group jigsaw activity on earthquakes, volcanoes, and their affects on humans.
“How can we work and communication with other cultures?”, focuses on the culture of Asia and communication. Students will use video conferencing, and email with students in Asia, guest speakers, and artifacts to build their understanding of the Asian culture (Communications 2.1-3.3; Math 3.1.3,). They will be completing multimedia presentations on a country within Asia. These telecommunications such as video conferencing and email will allow students to truly learn from primary resources, build background knowledge, link themselves to the world beyond Wilson Creek, and develop research, communication, and creativity skills.
“What do we have in common with other cultures?”, focuses on connections between Washington State and Asia as well as cultural etiquette. Students will extend their communication skills by creating an etiquette brochure in Publisher about his/her chosen country through email correspondence with an Asian student (Communications 2.1-2.3). Students will create an Excel spreadsheet and graph on trade products (Civics 3.2.1; Economics 2.1; Math 4.2.1).
Assessment is key in this unit. The interactive website http://www.wilsoncreek.org/Staff/vclinton/Asia%20Website/clintonasia.htmI have created along with my instruction center’s around four main idea: What is each students expected to learn?, How will I know when they have reached that goal?, What will I do when they don’t reach the goal?, and What will I do when they already have reached the goal? The website makes the goals of the unit clear and provides students will frequent and continual assessments. As students complete projects such as the multimedia presentation, they will assess themselves using checklist and rubrics. In turn, I will use those same checklists and rubrics to complete my assessment of their work and progress in reaching the defined goals. Assessments provide me with the tool to give additional support to some students while challenging others. Careful grouping and pairing also allows me to make sure that each student is work at his or her instructional level.
Itemized Budget:
Item Quantity cost/item Cost
Desktops 8 $700 $5,600.00
Monitors 8 $200 $1,600.00
Laptop 1 $1,100.00
Smartboard 1 $1,120.00
Digital Camera 1 $100.00
Software $1,144.00
Laser Printer 1 $300.00
Scanner 1 $100.00
Alpha Smart Keyboards 2 $250 $500.00
webcams 5 $30 $150.00
headphones/microphones 10 $10 $100.00
Total $11,814.00

Software Breakdown
Epals $0.00
Microsoft Office 9 $66 $594.00
Kidspiration 10 $550.00
Total $1,144.00
Links: Link to Unit Website
Materials: Slideshow, Podcasting, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Camera Bags, Digital Voice Recorders, Point and Shoot, Mobile Labs
Other Items: See Comments