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Pictures of Health

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Keywords: students, health nutritrion, physical activity
Subject(s): Science, Technology, Health and PE
Grades K through 12
School: Choconut Valley Elem School, Friendsville, PA
Planned By: Jessie Puzo-Blaney
Original Author: Alice Cole, Washington
Lesson Title: Pictures Of Health
Grade Levels: Pre-K through 12
Subject: Nutrition and Physical Activity


I am the Cafeteria Manager/ Supervisor at P.S. Jones Middle School. I teach students about Nutrition whenever I have an opportunity. The district's Child Nutrition Office has organized a Nutrition Advisory Council (NAC) in each of our 12 schools. These are clubs made up of 10-12 students who assist Child Nutrition Managers with Nutrition Education in different forms. Some of the NACs enter a notebook for state competition on the activities conducted through the year.
Jones Middle School Healthy Lifestyles Team has won the state competition 3 out of 11 years that we have entered. I realize the grant targets classrooms, but I think the Beaufort County Schools Nutrition Advisory Councils could benefit from this grant.

The goal of BCS Child Nutrition is to work with people in our schools and community to improve the health of the students we serve. Health care costs are skyrocketing because of the health problems of overweight children and adults. We need to use every tool and resource available to educate the public and to encourage healthy lifestyles. The Nutrition Advisory Council is a tool that assists us in getting information to the students, staff, and the community at large, through projects and publicity. The students in BCS could use the Olympus Cameras and the Tool Factory Software as a tool to raise awareness and gain publicity for a health crisis that is beginning to affect all of America.

Preparation for Grant use:

BCS NAC Advisors will schedule a joint meeting to discuss the project. The project will incorporate teaching on technology, documentation, compiling information, and organizing a notebook.

NAC Advisors will work with Computer lab teachers and Media Coordinators to teach the students how to use the Olympus cameras, how to print the pictures, and how to make banners and posters from the Tool Factory software.

Summary of the project:

1- NAC students will use the cameras to take pictures of foods prepared and serving lines setups in the different cafeterias so that they can study nutritional values of the foods offered.

2- NAC students will visit Physical Education classes at their schools and take pictures of activities, and document the physical activity that is offered during the day for a study on integrating more physical activity into the curriculum.

3- NAC students will use the software to make banners and posters to display in their schools on healthier lifestyles and make calendars with tips on nutrition and physical activity to hand out to classmates.

4- NAC students will use the software to graph the use of healthy foods, and the number of servings consumed.

5- NAC students will have the opportunity to learn how to document, organize and compile information for notebooks, use technology, and teach other students about healthier lifestyles.

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Teaching tools for Science (nutrition) Health (healthier students, physical activity)
Health Fairs for all grades
Materials: Point and Shoot, Digital SLR, Word Processor, Database, Paint, Camera Bags, xD Memory Cards, Digital Voice Recorders, Flash/USB Drives
Other Items: 2 3 hole punch, $20.00 each, total of $40.00
1 photo printer, $199.00 each, total of $199.00
12 notebooks, $4.00 each, total of $48.00
3 cardstock, $25.00 each, total of $75.00
10 photo paper, $50.00 each, total of $500.00