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Welcome to Historic Wilkes County

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Keywords: SMART Board, Photography, Local History
Subject(s): Photography, Technology, Social Studies, History
Grade 3
School: Millers Creek Primary School, Millers Creek, NC
Planned By: Dawn Hogestyn
Original Author: Dawn Hogestyn, Millers Creek
We study our community each year in third grade. Part of our study is a visit to our local Heritage Museum and other historic buildings. Students will take digital photographs while on this trip of the historic places and items they see.

Upon returning to school, they will use their photographs along with research they have worked on to make a slide show about the history of our county to be presented on our classroom SMART Board.

The photographs will also be used to make interactive games about local history again to be played on our SMART Board. This project requires students to research local history, choose places and items of importance to photograph, make PowerPoint presentations, and use SMART Board technology to design interactive games.
Materials: Word Processor, Social Studies, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Mobile Labs, Slideshow