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Keywords: Exercise, Healthful Living, Health
Subject(s): Foreign Language, Math, Journalism, Science, Social Studies, Photography, Information Skills, Music, Special Needs, Life Science, Podcasting, Early Learning, Technology, Social Skills, Health and PE, Art
Grade 3
School: Millers Creek Primary School, Millers Creek, NC
Planned By: Dawn Hogestyn
Original Author: Dawn Hogestyn, Millers Creek
Students study health and nutrition each year. To incorporate technology into this unit, students will walk around the school taking photographs of other students and staff members engaging in healthful activities such as exercising in PE class or at recess or eating healthy foods.

Students will then use their photographs to make PowerPoint presentations about good health and nutrition to present to the class on our classroom SMART Board. They will identify the healthy activities in the photographs and describe the importance these activities play in a healthy everyday life. They will also be able to show the connections these activities make to the current food pyramid and suggested amounts of exercise necessary for healthy living. Students will also be able to show that exercise comes from daily activities such as walking.
Materials: Slideshow, Word Processor, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Point and Shoot, Mobile Labs