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Snowman Glyph

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Keywords: Math, Writing, Bulletin Board
Subject(s): Math, English/Language Arts, Writing
Grades P-K through 2
School: Thomas Olaeta Elem School, Atwater, CA
Planned By: Brenda Hall
Original Author: Brenda Hall, Atwater
This can be presented in a powerpoint presentation. (Especially helpful with primary, Language Learners, and special needs student.

Start with the blank Snowman. Then answer questions below to decorate part of the snowman.

You can use Powerpoint with clip art or Paper

Do you like winter?

Number of Branches on end of arms
Yes 3
No 4

Do you like to play in the snow?

Number of Buttons
Yes 3
No 4

Which winter activity do you prefer?

Color of Hat
Sledding Red
Skiing or Snowboarding Purple
Build a Snowman Blue

What is your favorite winter liquid?

Color of Scarf
Hot Chocolate Orange
Hot Apple Cider Yellow
Soup Blue

On a really snowy day, which would you prefer?

Color of Mouth
Watching a Movie Red
Reading a Book Pink
Playing in the Snow Black

Draw Face

Finally students write or make a pocast telling what their gylph tells about themselves. For example;

My snowman tells about me. I like winter. I like to play in the snow. I build a snowman and drink hot chocolate. On a very snowy day I watch a movie

Materials: Writing, Elementary, Early Learning, Podcasting, Clip Art