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Keywords: algebra, video
Subject(s): Special Needs, Algebra
Grades 9 through 12
School: Myrtle Beach High School, Myrtle Beach, SC
Planned By: Lori Lusk
Original Author: Lori Lusk, Myrtle Beach
This plan would work for any topic that we would be teaching in Algebra 1. My lesson plan will be a generic plan so that we can insert different topics.

Lesson would be introduced by teacher.
Students would recieve guided practice with teachers monitoring.
I would allow students to volunteer to be videotaped teaching the topic. I would take them to a seperate room with a whiteboard and give them a sample problem to complete. As they complete the problem, step by step, I would ask them to explain the steps that they used to complete the problem. This will reinforce skills learned and may also lead to alternate ways of remembering steps to solving a problem. For the final review, I would use the video to show the class of thier classmates teaching a lesson.
I have done this with my students, but did not have a video camera to record the lesson. It gave some students more confidence in their skills and reinforced the skill we were learning.
Materials: Flip Video