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Yearly Calendars for First Grade Students

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Keywords: Calendars, Poetry, Photography, Art, and Technology
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Art, Technology, Photography
Grade 1
School: Lea Hill Elementary School, Auburn, WA
Planned By: Connie Say-O'Donnell
Original Author: Connie Say- O'Donnell, Auburn
The first grade teachers start taking pictures on the first day of school. We print each picture and organize them into individual student calendars.

As each month arrives, we continue to take pictures documenting our classroom themes and growth throughout the school year and beyond.

As the year progresses we want the students to become more involved with the photos. We teach our students to take pictures of eachother and then to download them and use clipart to enhance our classroom themes.

These calendars will go from September '08 to August '09. We give these calendars as a gift on Mother's Day.

This will be the 8th year we have done this project and the response from our Mom's is heartwarming! I even have Mom's who continue to use their calendars year after year even though the dates are incorrect!

Our calendars also contain a monthly poem which we learn in class each month. We memorize these poems, write these poems and make up our own poems for each month. These poems go with the picture theme for that month. So, not only do the Mom's get a picture diary made by their child, but the students get a memory poem book too!
Close to 1000 students have been involved in this project over the years. This will be the 8th year.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Having these supplies, we will be able to do many more projects using technology. Even young students can learn to use technology. It is exciting to see what these kids can do. The young are our future and our future is now! Having high expectations is the key. You dream it, they can achieve it.
We also do a Father's Day calendar with only (1) picture too! "Just like Dad!" We dress the kids in Dad clothes and take a picture of them for their Dad's Day gift. The students download and decorate these photos for their Dad's too!
Materials: Point and Shoot, Clipart, Camera Bags, xD Memory Cards, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries
Other Items: 1 Laser Color Photo Printer--a high quality, $500.00 each, total of $500.00
Photo Paper--enough for 30 calendars, $100.00 each
Ink / toner for color printer--lots!, $800.00 each
double sided tape, $25.00 each