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I Went Walking

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Keywords: Writing, Digital Storytelling, Book Making, Reading, Technology
Subject(s): Earth Science, English/Language Arts, Grammar, Writing, Spelling, Reading, Life Science, Technology
Grade P-K
School: Shaftsburg Elementary School, Perry, MI
Planned By: sara schneeberger
Original Author: sara schneeberger, Perry
My students have the opportunity to explore their world around them-especially nature! Our Nature Trail behind our school allows my students to study plants, animals and the earth. We will begin our lesson by reading Sue William's book "I Went Walking". The students will then brainstorm a list of things that they think they might see on a walk on the Nature Trail.

Once the ideas are compiled, the students will work together in groups to take photographs of different things that they see while walking on the Nature Trail. This is a good way to build friendships, teamwork, as well as to continue to work on our science lessons and to assist with reading and writing.

The students will then print and sort their photographs. The class will then decide which pictures will be used in the digital storytelling presentation and class book.

The students will write or dictate the caption for each photograph.

Digital storytelling for this project and age group would take approximately 3 weeks
with an average of 30 minute lessons each day. The publishing of a class book
would be done daily during Literacy Center time and would also take
approximately 3 weeks.

Our class would display their class book for Festival of Learning, a district-wide
"come see what we have learned this year" fair. The digital story would also be on display that night on the SMART Board in our classroom.
Materials: Flash/USB Drives, Bags and Cases, Memory Cards, Camera Bags, Batteries, Digital Voice Recorders, Point and Shoot, Mobile Labs