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Poetic Podcasting

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Keywords: Poetry, podcassting, technology, english,
Subject(s): Technology, Writing
Grades P-K through 5
School: Woden Elementary School, Woden, TX
Planned By: Malinda Holzapfel
Original Author: Malinda Holzapfel, Woden
Elementary students create an original poem. Once their poem has been approved by the teacher, students work on creating a podcast, complete with background music. Podcast will be available to download from the school districts website. Students can share their podcast with their peers, teachers, family and community. Students will gain sense of accomplishment and build self esteem with modern technology. In addition to enhancing poetry skills students will learn cutting edge technology while creating one of a kind podcasts.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Students can create poetry based on different subject areas (ie math poem to go along with math concepts, poetry about space to go along with science)
Compare poems throughout the year to see how a student progresses.
Materials: Flash Memory Camcorders, Point and Shoot, Digital Voice Recorders, Video Tools, Podcasting, Authoring and Publishing