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First Grade Plane Shapes

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Keywords: Shapes
Subject(s): Math, Geometry
Grade 1
School: Lincoln Elementary School, Ruffin, NC
Planned By: Kelly Self
Original Author: Kelly Self, Ruffin
As the students enter the classrom I will present the esential question. What are the characteristics of a square, rectangle, circle, trapezoid, hexagon, parallelogram and a triangle?
Then we review the names of the shapes. I will show them an example of each shape and they name it.
Once we have quickly go over the shapes, I will begin the flipchart.
The flipchart will go over each shape in detail and have a game for each shape.
This lesson will probably take two or three days, as I only have 30 minutes at a time during my small group lessons.

This plan doesn't seem very detailed. However, the flipchart that is involved is very detailed!! It will soon be posted on www.prometheanplanet.com I will edit lesson with web address once it posts.
Materials: Flash/USB Drives, Hard Drives, Projectors, Whiteboards, Web Page, Clip Art, Prof. Dev. Workshops