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See it, Say it, Move, it, Do it!

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Keywords: Alphabet, English Language Learners, Phonemic Awareness
Subject(s): Drama, Speech and Language, Spelling, English/Language Arts, Music, Reading, Early Learning, Health and PE
Grade K
School: Duke School for Children, Durham, NC
Planned By: Lindsay Creech
Original Author: Lindsay Creech, Durham

FOCUS: Students will develop knowledge of alphabetic principle and phonemic awareness through an ABC picture chart, using sound, symbols, pictures, and motions

LEARNING STYLES: Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic

TIME: 13 weeks


Students will be introduced to 2 letters each week. During a whole group lesson they will learn the letter's name, the sound it makes, learn the picture icon associated with the sound of the letter and learn the motion for making the letter's sound. After practicing the 2 letters Monday-Thursday, the students will be videotaped "performing" the letters. They will say the letter's name, act out the motion and make the letter's sound.


At the end of 13 weeks, all students will have participated and helped make a class Alphabet Video --containing all 26 letters of the alphabet acted out. Then, I will burn the video to DVDs, which the students can take home to keep. This will help their families see a product of their learning from school and serve as a useful tool for reading and writing readiness as students continue to develop letter/sound awareness.


This lesson will be beneficial especially for my students whose first language is not English. Developing letter/sound knowledge through play and movement will be particularly meaningful for all students, but will hold special meaning for my students who are not native English speakers. This lesson is based on TPR (Total Physical Response). "TPR is a language-learning tool based on the relationship between language and its physical representation or execution. TPR emphasizes the use of physical activity to increase meaningful learning opportunities and language retention" (Reed, B. "Strategies and Resources for Mainstream Teachers of English Language Learners").
Burn Lesson onto DVDs for students to take home to practice the sounds, letters, and motions to reinforce learning at school.
Materials: Speech and Language, Early Learning, Video Tools, CDs and DVDs, Batteries, Tripods, Flip Video