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A Family History

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Keywords: Spanish, Family History
Subject(s): Foreign Language, Journalism, Photography, Art
Grades 9 through 12
School: Cedar Hill High School, Cedar Hill, TX
Planned By: Daniel Audi
Original Author: Enriqueta Leddon, Beaufort
Learning Objectives:
The student will describe family members.
The student will learn more about his or her family, and to explore their family background.
The student will gather information about their families.
The students will research about the country where their family originated.
The student will write a small paragraph in Spanish about their family.
The student will organize the pictures of his or her ancestors and his family and make a movie.

Digital cameras
PC or Laptop
Family photos
Movie Maker program or Microsoft Photo Story 3
The student's family history will include:
- The family place of birth
- Grand parents and parents place of birth
- Country of origin, where they immigrate from.
- The students' ancestors who immigrated to the U.S.
- Photo of student
- Photos of students' ancestors

Lesson Outline

1. The student will be Introduce to the project
2. The student will research the history of his or her family.
3. the student will research his or her family ancestors and write a fragment about each photo in Spanish
4. The student will write the name of his or her maternal grandparents.
5. The student will research his or her family tree going back as far as possible
6. The student will also will include some cultural food, music, religion, coming of age ceremonies, dance, clothing of his or her ancestors.
The teacher will assist the student by checking his or her grammar and spelling in Spanish that will be on each photo.

The student will:
a. Create a folder on his or her hard drive school folder or flash drive
b. Create a folder with all his or her images
c. Define the program that the student will use to make his or her movie by using movie maker or
d. Discuss with the teacher how they plan to use their digital photos.
e. The student will create and edit his or her movie using the program he or she picked.

Working with text in Spanish
f. Write there sentences that describe each of his or her pictures in Spanish before entering into the program.
g. Give their descriptions to the teacher to correct their spelling and grammar in Spanish.
h. Enter text on each of their digital pictures
i. Format text by using the program selected.
j. Work with background colors and images.
k. Apply header text to digital pictures.
l. Work with the Text tool
m. Complete project ,all the Spanish sentences
n. Final review and approve by the teacher for presentation
o. Present project to the class in Spanish.


The students will present their projects to the rest of the class.
Links: ://www.microsoft.com/downloads
Materials: Digital Voice Recorders, Mobile Labs