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Flipping for Math

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Keywords: Flip cameras and math
Subject(s): Math, Podcasting, Video
Grade 7
School: George Junior High School, Rosenberg, TX
Planned By: Deborah Kretschmer
Original Author: Deborah Kretschmer, Rosenberg
Students will be split into groups based on their individual personalities. Students will then randomly draw their topic from a list that was covered over the semester
(order of operations, percents to decimals to fractions, square roots, compare and order, decimal and fraction operations, integer operations, ratios, unit rates, proportions, percent proportions and mean, median, mode and range).
Once students have their topic they will develop a storyboard for their video and a production list of supplies needed for their video. Once their storyboard has been approved(ie.. superheros, rap video, a day in the life of Mr. Bill) they will begin filming their video. Then students can upload their video to moviemaker or make a podcast from their film.

Student Checklist:
___ 1. Storyboard is complete by (25)
____A. Sketches are complete and labeled
____B. Detail discription with who is doing what in the video
___ 2. Video has a name(5)
___ 3. Production materials list is complete(10)
___ 4. The project is neat and carefully made according to your storyboard(10)
___ 5. The video teaches the topic selected (35)
___ 6. My reflection paper is written and turned in on time(10)
___ 7. Project turned in on time(5)

Students will then present their videos using a podcast or through moviemaker.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Could use the cameras in any field and have students create videos.
Will use the video cameras for a geometry lesson and applying math to the real world.
Links: Storyboard templates at schoolhouse video
How to make a storyboard
Materials: Math, Tripods, Camera/Video Accessories, Video Tools, Flip Video, Middle, Integrating Technology
Other Items: 8 Flip Video Cameras, $150.00 each, total of $1200.00