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Cultural Celebrations

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Keywords: Social Studies, Technology, Geography, Cultural Diversity, Language Arts
Subject(s): Grammar, Spelling, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Photography, Reading, Writing, Podcasting, Geography, Technology, Video, Foreign Language
Grades K through 12
School: Swift Creek Middle School, Clayton, NC
Planned By: Carolyn Kay
Original Author: Carolyn Kay, Clayton
Using a predesigned Webquest, students will research the assigned country in order to complete teacher prepared outline. Using the completed outline, students will prepare product of choice (PowerPoint Presentation, Travel Brochure, or Movie) featuring relevant information from their country. Finished projects will be displayed on classroom website and during schoolwide presentation dates.

Outline includes:
Country (Location, population, languages spoken)
Holiday/Cultural Celebration (date observed, origins, historical significance, relevant facts)
Unusual/interesting information or facts discovered
Websites accessed for research

The lesson begins with a discussion of the cultural diversity of our school, community, and state. Further discussion is held on the importance of recognizing the importance of celebrating differences in all students.
Teacher creates heterogeneous student groups and assigns a country for research.
During the course of two computer lab or media enhancement classes (typically 45-60 minutes each), students are given the opportunity to research their country, complete the outline, and decide upon a final product for submission.

Additional time in the computer lab (estimated 2 periods of 45-60 minutes) is needed for creation of their product, with a separate presentation time scheduled.

Younger students (K-1) may be paired with older "Reading Buddies" for this project, with the adjustment of student groups made to include 2 younger and 2 older students.

Equipment used may be adjusted according to available resources.

Presentations may be made during Open House, School assemblies, or via the internet on classroom websites.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Teachers can integrate Technology, Social Studies, and Language Arts skills necessary to satisfy Standard Course of Study goals and objectives.
Once the project is completed, teachers may locate willing schools in the countries studied for correspondence via letters, emails, podcasts, or teleconferences in order to share information between schools.
Links: Link to my rubric
Link to my WebQuest
Link to my outline
Link to additional WebQuest resources
Materials: Flash/USB Drives, CDs and DVDs, Memory Cards, Batteries, Tripods, Printers, Hard Drives, Video Tools, Microphones, Point and Shoot, Digital Cameras, Flip Video, Flash Memory Camcorders, Mobile Labs, Social Studies, Podcasting, Web Page, Slideshow