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Welcome to Kindergarten Scavenger Hunt

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Keywords: Kindergarten Hunt
Subject(s): Writing, Reading, English/Language Arts
Grade K
School: Tanglewood Elementary School, S Glens Falls, NY
Planned By: Tina Hayes
Original Author: Tina Hayes, S Glens Falls
Objective: To have some exposure to the Kindergarten classroom environment in a fun and non threatening way!


I have a giant yellow school bus outside my classroom door and the Scavenger Hunt Sheets and Name tags are clipped to the bus to jump right in and get started.

Welcome to Kindergarten Scavenger Hunt (ex)

Please try to find the following¡K
„Ï your paw print in the school bus & go to the lunch choice board
„Ï a place to hang up your backpack (cubby)
„Ï your seat at the table
„Ï the bathroom & hand washing sink
„Ï your mailbox
„Ï your snack and smock holders
„Ï ¡§the parent graffiti board¡¨
(parents write a note to the class)
„Ï the board (find the first letter in your name)
„Ï Mrs. Hayes for a picture
Now you are ready for Kindergarten!!
Sign your name here (the kids):
The children and their families complete the list together and I then follow up on the first day of school.

I use the Parent "Graffitti Board" (I large wall sized sheet of colored paper cut in the shape of a heart) on the first day of school with the book The First Day of School Jitters. After reading the story and making comparisons to how they are feeling-we read the notes from their parents! The parents really write beautiful notes and they draw little pictures too. It eases the worries of the kindergarteners and then we make a cradft for their families. The craft varies each year-this year we made friendship necklaces.

I use the digital pictures of that day and I scroll all the pictures of them from that day on the board so they can have the comfort of watching themselves having fun at school with their families.

Materials: Digital Cameras, Camera Bags, English/Language Arts, Early Learning