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Keywords: careers, technology, science
Subject(s): Social Studies, Information Skills, Technology, Science
Grades 5 through 12
School: Union Scioto Primary School, Chillicothe, OH
Planned By: Tanya Cope
Original Author: Tanya Cope, Chillicothe
1. Students will brainstorm to come up with several careers that fall under the category of science or technology.
2. The teacher should make a list on the board of the careers that the students come up with for further reference.
3. Students must decide on one career to conduct their research on.
4. Teacher will discuss with the students what information is important to know when learning about careers.
5. Teacher will compile a list of things the students suggest they should know about the career. ( this will later be used as the grading rubric)
6. The teacher will use this list to create a checklst of information that the students must find when doing their research
7. Students will use the internet to find the information
8. As students conduct their research they should write the information and comiple a list of websites used when finding it.
9. After finding all information students will use Microsoft Publish to create a flyer about their career. Flyers should include all information on the checklist.
10. Students can print the flyer to be displayed.
Materials: Internet Services, Office Suite, Computer Accessories, Integrating Technology