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Reporting News About Rosa Parks

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Keywords: RAFT, writing, reporter, Rosa Parks, newspaper, flip camera
Subject(s): No
Grades 4 through 6
School: Dozier Elementary School, Erath, LA
Planned By: Jill Viator
Original Author: Jill Viator, Erath
Reporting News About Rosa Parks

1.The teacher will begin by building background on Rosa Parks and why she is famous. (see link below for additional links on her.)

2.The teacher will do an introduction powerpoint or flip chart.

3.The teacher will now share the RAFT writing assignment for her class.

•Newspaper Reporter
•Your class
•Newspaper Article or news report segment


"The Life of Rosa Parks “


You are a news reporter and your boss needs for you to write a newspaper article on Rosa Parks.

a. You need to research facts and find out more about her to publish your article.

b. Find key facts of her life worth reporting. Remember you need a great opening and a strong closing. The body of your article needs to be informative and accurate.

c. Your teacher will help you find online information. Find stories and books that help!

d. The students will research and record facts in a word processing program. Then the students will write a rough draft story. Note: The student must have at least three paragraphs.

e. Once the paragraph is written, the student can use one of the newspaper link interactive to copy and paste the story in it or the student can type the story into the link. (NOTE: The interactive stories CANNOT be saved. It would be wiser to have the typed draft saved just in case the information is lost.

f. Print the final newspaper article. (Optional)

g. Suggestion: Using a flip camera, the students may want to give an oral report on Rosa Parks. The students can film each other and show the reports to the entire class.
Links: Rosa Parks Links
Read Write Think Newspaper Generator
Newspaper Generator Interactive
Simple Newspaper Interactive
Rosa Parks PowerPoints and Interactives
Materials: Whiteboards, Mobile Labs, Flip Video, Printers