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Jumping in the air - What was your height?

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Keywords: Algebra, quadratic, video
Subject(s): Math, Algebra, Video
Grades 7 through 8
School: Olive Vista Middle School, Sylmar, CA
Planned By: Brent Obillo
Original Author: Brent Obillo, Sylmar
-Access prior knowledge of students in solving equations

-Use digital cameras to film students jumping.
-Import film clips into computer(s)
-Use video-editing software (Moviemaker) to find the time students are in the air
-Students can use this data in the quadratic formulas h=-16t^2 +vt +s and h =-16t^2+s
-Discuss which formula would make more sense. How would the dropped formula work in this situtation?
-From this info, students can find the initial velocity they jumped.
-They can create graphs, tables, and equations.
-From the equation they will calculate their maximum height.
-Have students chart on posters and do a gallery walk. Have them comment on post-its any questions they may have about technqiues or solving.

extenstion - have students try different ways to try and get "better hang time".
This is a fun activity that allows students to use computers, learn video editing and see how math comes into the real world.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This can be used in PE to show hang time in basketball or other sports.
Students can try horizontal jumps, masuring their horizontal distance and finding the vertical diatance and charting their relationships. Students can then make conjectures about how the two are related and why.
Materials: Memory Cards, Tripods, Flash/USB Drives, Video Tools, Portable, Sports, Point and Shoot
Other Items: 1 Olympus E-620 Educator Kit, $939.99 each, total of $939.99
1 NEC Display NP510W Multimedia Projector, $999.00 each, total of $999.00
1 Mobile Digital Camera Lab, $3648.95 each, total of $3648.95
10 Gorillapod Original Tripod, $21.95 each, total of $219.50
1 Dell Classroom Netbook - Latitude 2100 with Bundled Accessories, $634.94 each, total of $634.94