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Manipulating Graphs

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Keywords: graphing, slopes, intercepts
Subject(s): Technology, Algebra, Math
Grades 7 through 8
School: Olive Vista Middle School, Sylmar, CA
Planned By: Brent Obillo
Original Author: Brent Obillo, Sylmar
-Students are given a series of real life situations
-Angel gets $2 a day and he started with $3
-Fatima gets $6 a day and started with $1
-Tina spends $3 a day and started with $21

-Have students create the equations for each situation
-Have students graph the "mother function" y=x
-Have students graph (on the same axis) the equations for each of the different situations
-"How does the amount they get each day affect the graph?"
-"How does their starting amount affect the graph?"
-"Tina spent money, how do we see this in the graph?"
-Have students generalize how the slope changes the graph and the y-intercept affects the graph.
If you being the modeling of graph analysis with this, it can be extended to how a,b, and c affect a quadratic graph as well as how amplitude and period can be chanegd in periodic functions.
Materials: Graphing