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Water Cycle Boogie

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Keywords: Water cycle, video, singing
Subject(s): Art, Video, Technology, Music, Information Skills, Science, Drama
Grades 2 through 4
School: Claremont Academy, Chicago, IL
Planned By: Joy Reeves
Original Author: Joy Reeves, Chicago
Students use their science books to read about the water cycle. Attention is given to diagrams showing the cycle, and to the correct pronunciation and understanding of the vocabulary. In the classroom unopened cups are left on the windowsill to demonstrate evaporation. Covered cups are left in the sun to demonstrate condensation.

The Water Cycle Boogie is a song that has a chorus repeating the vocabulary words Condensation, Precipitation, Evaporation in an upbeat tempo, along with a verse on each vocabulary word explaining its concept. The teacher gives the students a paper with the words, and plays the song she downloaded, so all can learn the catchy tune.

Students are given colored beads (white, blue, yellow, clear) and a pipe cleaner. They arrange the beads on the pipe cleaner but cannot wear it as a bracelet until they explain the order of the water cycle using correct vocabulary.

Students are divided into groups of 4. They are free to creatively set up a scene that demonstrates the water cycle, whether it be open or covered cups of water and ice under a light, a closed terrarium, clothing on a clothesline, or other inspirations. Students are then recorded explaining which process of the water cycle is demonstrated and why.
There are many science related songs available to download. This lesson plan uses only one of them but they can all be stored on the same MP3 player.
Materials: Flip Video, MP3 Players, Tripods
Other Items: 1 MP3 player speakers, $85.00 each, total of $85.00
1 25 pipe cleaners, $4.00 each, total of $4.00
1 250 colored beads, $11.00 each, total of $11.00
1 downloaded song, $0.99 each, total of $0.99