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What In Your Garden?

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Keywords: Science Observation
Subject(s): Writing, English/Language Arts, Science
Grade K
School: Stenstrom Elementary School, Oviedo, FL
Planned By: Lisa Pate
Original Author: Lisa Pate, Oviedo
The purpose of this lesson is for kindergarten students to understand how to observe the things around them.

The teacher will read My Garden by Kevin Henkes. The teacher will talk about what it means to "observe". The class will discuss how important The teacher will ask students what they observed in the story "My Garden". Students will be guided to be detailed in their observations. (I see the girl with a hat digging a hole in the ground and planting a seashell in the brown dirt. When everyone has had a chance to share, students will be asked what they think they will find in a butterfly garden. The class will brainstorm ideas of what they would find in the butterfly garden and create a class web utilizing the interactive whiteboard.

The teacher will take small groups of students out to the butterfly garden. The students will observe the garden and describe what they see. The teacher will utilize the flip video and tape what the students observe. The student will then be videotaped describing what they observed. (i.e. I saw a bumble bee flying into a yellow sunflower)

The teacher will then edit and create a video called "Our Garden". Once back in the classroom the students will then be given a piece of paper and will write/illustrate what they saw in the garden. In ______ garden they saw a _____________. This will be made into a class book. The class book and video will be sent home nightly with a student until everyone has had the opportunity to share with their family.
Materials: Whiteboards, Flip Video