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Autobio-Inserting and editing pictures

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Keywords: English, Computer Technology, Autobiography, digital camera
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Technology
Grades 6 through 8
School: Portland West Middle School, Portland, TN
Planned By: Bobbie Ramsey
Original Author: Bobbie Ramsey, Portland
1. Students need a computer with a Word Processor. ( I use Word.)
2. Have students create a folder in My Documents. (You may want students to write their autobiography on paper first; then use the Word Processor to key it in. If you want students to work on composing at the keyboard, then begin with the computer.)
3. Go to a new document. Show students how to center a title for their Autobiography. Have students turn on double-spacing for easy reading and grading.
4. Students key a three paragraph autobiography. You can decide what guidelines you want for each paragraph. ( In the first paragraph I tell students to tell about when and where they were born and about their family. The second paragraph, I have students tell about the different stages in their life--for instance, what schools they have attended, sports teams, clubs, etc. The third paragraph is about what they like to do, about friends, and anything special in their life. Save the autobiography in their folder.
5. Using a digital camera, students take each other's picture. Download the picture to their computer. Save it with their name.
6. Students will insert their picture into their autobiography. Show students how to use word wrap so that they can move the picture around. Show students how to edit the picture. Also, you can show students how to put a border around their picture. They can also create borders around the page.
Teachers need to be able to integrate technology into their lesson plans. Students love using technology. They are more responsive when technology is used. Teachers need techonolgy to assist students in creating real world solutions to problems and have the means to present these.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Students can use what they have created and save it. They can expand what they have learned in other areas.
Stuents can create an electronic portfolio and revise their autobiography each year.
Materials: Clip Art, Keyboarding, Word Processor, Office Suite, Flash/USB Drives, Mice, LCD Monitors, Headsets, Keyboards, Power, Cables, Batteries, Tripods, Printers, Hard Drives, Projector Screens, Portable, Digital Cameras, Mobile Labs, Worksheets, Animation, Internet Services, Student Resources, Prof. Dev. Workshops, Integrating Technology