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Poetry Performance

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Keywords: Poetry Performance through Podcast and VCast
Subject(s): Video, Podcasting, Writing, Reading, Photography, English/Language Arts
Grades 7 through 12
School: East Early College High School, Houston, TX
Planned By: Shirley Lyons
Original Author: Shirley Lyons, Houston
Incorporating poetry into the classroom can be more exciting and a lively experience when students' written poetry is read and performed by the student poet. For this lesson students will need a broad exposure to different poems then examine formats before they engage in writing a collection of poems. Students will read their poems in class and create audio and/or video recordings of their poems.

Step One:
Students will access and examine poems on the internet from sites listed:


Various poetry formats will be introduced and students will write a variety of poems following the different formats. Peer revision of drafts takes place prior to students sharing their poems to the class during poetry Fridays.

Step Three:
Students will also select poetry podcast to listen to by visiting the following site:


listening and evaluating some of the 110 poetry podcast on that site, students select a poem that they have written for their recording their own podcast. If possible a VCast can be created with the student not only reading their poem with feelings and emotions, but also performing their poem or enhancing their readings with added video components.

Step Four:
Completed Podcast and Vcast of student poetry will be posted on our class website for others to enjoy.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Have students use various formats to write poems for other content areas that reflect topics being explored in those classes.
Host a parent event where student poets host a family poetry event.
Links: Link to Bartleby databank of poems
Link to Poetry 180
Link to PoetrySlam
CLink to American Poetry Collection
Link to collection of 110 Poetry Podcast
Materials: Flip Video, Digital Voice Recorders, Video Tools, Headsets, Podcasting