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Keywords: Making a Difference, Design Process, Advertisement, helping others, Art, layout, community
Subject(s): Art
Grades 9 through 12
School: Columbian Senior High School, Tiffin, OH
Planned By: Elizabeth Humphrey
Original Author: Elizabeth Humphrey, Tiffin
As economic downturn has affected the community of Tiffin the students of Columbian High School would like to help local businesses and organizations boost their business by offering free advertisement design. The students enrolled in commercial art, digital photography, and video technology courses would like to give their talents and creativity in designing products that companies would find useful. These products could be but are not limited to designing or redesigning business cards, poster, flyers, video commercials or montages, photographs, etc. The hope for this project is connecting adults with students. It would be a great way to help the students build confidence and people skills in helping them in their future career choices. Making a difference is what I believe the students of Columbian High School can do for the community of Tiffin.

The students will split into small groups. Each group will be asked to develop their own company name and logo to present to clients. They then will have the freedom to research and choose a local business that they felt would benefit from their advertising service. They then followed basic design processes by researching, creating thumbnail sketches, rough sketches, and final comprehensives or comps that are presented to the client.

A main goal for this project was connecting adults with students. It was a great way to help the students build confidence and people skills in helping them in their future career choices; as the students were asked to make personal contact, set up and perform interviews, and present a project proposal to each client.

The final link to this project will be exposing the students to visiting real local advertisement agencies. This behind the scenes opportunity gave the students a chance to reflect and compare on their own experiences in what it takes to operate a business.

My hopes is to also showcase students design to public at local gallery spaces such as public library and or TIffin City Art guild.

Through out this experience the students of Tiffin Columbian High School have gained so much personal growth, but in an overall picture the students can
“making a difference” for the community of Tiffin.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
English teachers with interview and speaking skills. Woodworking class for possible constructing of 3-D object such as billboard or signs. Business class about understand what a company business plan is and the aspects of how to manage a budget for project.
Students will be have exit evaluation from the client to see if advertisement was helpful to making the company prosper.
Links: Link to Advertiser-tribune Local newspaper
Materials: Digital Cameras, Digital SLR, Tripods, Art Tools, Cause and Effect
Other Items: 1 Adobe Design Suite (multi- License) (mac), $8,000 each