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Guys Read too!

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Keywords: reading, boys, audiobooks
Subject(s): Reading
Grade P-K
School: Bel Air Elementary School, Woodbridge, VA
Planned By: Shannon Sauter
Original Author: Shannon Sauter, Woodbridge
Step 1:
Introduce my reading group to the book, How to Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days.

Step 2:
Allow a small group to go back to the listening center and listen to the first chapter of the book, while reading along in their paper copy.

Step 3:
Have a discussion about the characters, setting, problem, etc.

Step 4:
Continue to allow my reading group to listen to the story a little bit at a time each day. We will them meet back together and have a discussion about what is happening in the story.

My goal is that by listening to the audiobooks that they will provide good reading role models and through this model of fluid phrasing and cadence, guys will be assisted in their comprehension. Supporting listening as a valid educational experience can help move guys down a path where literacy and achievement will come together to bridge the gender gap that currently exists in reading.
Materials: Headsets
Other Items: 5 Headsets