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Keywords: Congruence, measurement
Subject(s): Science, Math
Grades 5 through 7
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
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School: Westhaven Elementary School, Portsmouth, VA
Planned By: Brandi Cotton
Original Author: Brandi Cotton, Portsmouth
Title/Lesson: Measurement

SOL#: 6.15
The student will determine congruence of segments, angles, and polygons by direct comparison, given their attributes. Examples of non-congruent and congruent figures will be included.

Curriculum Frameworks Page Number: 24

Essential Knowledge:
The student will use problem solving, mathematical communication, mathematical reasoning, connections, and representations to:
Characterize polygons as congruent and non-congruent according to the measures of their sides and angles.
Determine the congruence of segments, angles, and polygons by direct comparison, given their attributes.
Essential Vocabulary:
Congruent same size, same shape

Non-congruent - different shapes and sizes

Polygons any closed shapes

Comparison -

Similar nearly, but not exactly the same or alike

Objective: TSW/TTL:

6.15.1 Characterize polygons as congruent and non congruent according to the measures of their sides and angles.

Using the Promethean board, the students will have to organize shapes based on their attributes. Some shapes will be open to show ir-regular shapes.

TTW have students find congruent shapes by using patty paper. The shapes will be given in a regular and reduced size. The patty paper will help the students decide if the shapes are congruent or similar. TSW complete P 524, #1-6.


Group A Teacher Guided Remediation Group B-Independent
TTW give the students more examples to use with the patty paper.
P 536 #9-22

Check class work for understanding.

How does patty paper help us determine congruent or similar shapes?

Text, Overhead, White board, grid paper, patty paper.

Instructional Strategy:
Hwrk/Prct Sim/Diff Summ/NtTkng Coop Lrng Reinf Eff/Pro Recog Nonling. Rep.
Set Goal/Pro Fdbk Gener/Tst Hypot Clues/Q/Advanced Org

Higher Leveled Questions: Circle 3: K C A A S E
1 How would you classify shapes as similar or congruent.
2 How could you verify whether shapes are similar or congruent?
3 How would you define similar and congruent?


Students will use a Promethean Flipchart to determine congruent figures by manipulation.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Science and Measurement
Using patty paper or tracing paper to find congruence.
Materials: Whiteboards, Mobile Labs, Flip Video, MP3 Players, Middle School, Printers, Camera/Video Accessories, Tripods, Headsets, Math, Middle