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4th Grade Double Digit Multiplication

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Keywords: Flip Video, multiplication
Subject(s): Math
Grade 4
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
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School: Alvin Elementary School, Alvin, TX
Planned By: Don Rabalais
Original Author: Don Rabalais, Alvin
Lesson Plan for: Double Digit Multiplication for Flip Video

Submitted by: Don Rabalais, Alvin Elementary School, 1910 Rosharon Rd, Alvin, TX 77511, 4th grade Math/Science. See additional lesson plans and posted YouTube videos using the Flip camera at www.donrab.com.

Summary: This lesson uses the Flip video camera to record the classroom teacher explaining a concept for double digit multiplication. The video is uploaded to YouTube and the students can access the video through the teacher’s personal website at www.donrab.com along with all other units that were taught in math and science. In the classroom the videos are copied to a flash drive that we call a “Kid Stick” and during independent study time the students can check-out a Kid Stick and watch a Flip Video as instructed by the teacher for extra practice. This way the student gets the exact same instructional environment and academic vocabulary used in the classroom and more importantly how it was initially introduced. The repetition and familiarity make for a more consistent delivery of instruction for the learner, rather than several different adults teaching a different way to computate.
Vocabulary Words: Butterfly Method, Window Pane, Place Value, Ones, Tens, array, multiply.

Content Objective: The student will be able to multiple two 2-digit numbers using two methods, the window pane or butterfly.

Language Objective: Write a double digit multiplication number sentence. Read the number sentence. Write a solution sentence using the specific procedures for the window pane or butterfly method for multiplication computation.

Engage: The student will be engaged by having a discussion about the everyday need to multiply. Show relevance for the skill and relate it to important work in real life. Show the student that multiplication can be easier than repeated addition.

Explore: Allow the student some time to explore multiplication concepts using manipulatives, pictures and arrays on paper. From this exploration show the student how the multiplication number sentence is created and that the numbers represent real life objects.

Explain: Show and tell the student how to multiply using the window pane method first. Break the number into expanded form and multiply. Then move to the butterfly method to show how to multiply two 2-digit numbers.

Elaborate: Let the student practice both methods for multiplying and observe and correct the procedure as you work. Return to manipulatives if needed or pictures and arrays of the number sentence. Use Homework Helper videos on www.donrab.com to practice and repeat the instruction. Use a Kid Stick flash drive on the classroom computers for tutoring or extra practice.

Evaluate: Allow the student to work independently and check for understanding. Students who do not master the concept can be “tutored” using the in-class flash drive (Kid Stick) for repetition of the lesson from the teacher using all of the academic language and familiar processes. Standardized practice will help the student gain fluency and confidence as they watch the flip video of their teacher explaining the concept of double digit multiplication.
Links: Link to YouTube
Materials: Flip Video