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Keywords: Flip Video, Force, Motion, Spanish
Subject(s): Foreign Language, Math, Science, Technology, Social Skills, Video, Physics
Grade 4
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Hunter's Creek Elem School, Orlando, FL
Planned By: Elizavet Rivera
Original Author: Elizavet Rivera, Orlando
Subject: Science
Topic: Force and Motion
Concepts to be taught: Relationship between Force and motion and Newton’s laws of motion.
•Students will demonstrate that the motion of an object can be described and measured.
•Students will create a song describing the relationship between force and motion.
•Students will demonstrate the Newton’s law of motion.
•Students will create a video clip to present to their classmates.
•Students will use the video clips to create a movie to share with partner class in Ecuador and fellow dual language students. (Optional)
•Students will utilize both Spanish and English in their video.
Flip Video Camera
Science text book ( reference)
Computer ( with Movie maker if possible)
Internet ( research)
Activinspire ( create flipchart quiz) optional

Setting the Purpose:
Ask students if they have ever seen a music video with a beat that they can’t get out of their heads? Then ask them if the rhythm and images help them remember the song? Tell them that they will be creating a video about force and motion to share with their partner school from Ecuador or fellow dual language students. (Optional)

Part One: Brainstorm
Create a three Column Chart on the board. Tell students to list on the first column what they know about force and motion. Share and discuss student’s ideas. Then list on the second column what they think they should know about force and motion. Teacher should guided students into adding Newtons laws of motion and any vocabulary such as velocity, force, motion, inercia, etc. In the last column they should list what they do to present the information in the video clip. (Answer will vary) Guide them towards a rap song, cheerleader chants, create a flipchart quiz or powerpoint, act out Newton laws , jokes, or Experiments.

Part two: Research
Divide students into equal groups. Assign them a topic from the second column of the chart and a way to present it from the third column of the chart.
For example:
Group 1
Topic: relationship between force and motion Activity: Rap song Language: English
Group 2
Topic : Newton’s laws of motion Activity: Act it out/ Jokes Language : English
Group 3
Topic : Vocabulary terms ( inertia, force, motion, velocity) Activity : Cheer it out! Language: Spanish
Group 4
Topic : Speed = distance/time Activity: Experiment Language: Spanish
Assign Roles: Director, editor, actors, script writer, Cameraman
Explain the responsibilities of each job. Then have them research for their topic on the internet or using their science text book.
Teacher note : If you specifically like the way a group is work cooperatively…take out your camera and take a clip so you can discuss how important it is to work well in a group and what exactly working well in a group means.

Part three: Creativity!!
Students will work in groups to design their script for their video clip. Tells students to be creative bring in props, background music and anything they feel they can use in their clip.

Part four: Lights, Camera, (flip camera) Action!!
Have students record their clip and share it with the class. Sharing the clips will become another teaching opportunity. The students will make connections as they watch their classmate video clips and you can use this a teachable moment discuss and get feedback on what they know. Have them critically think about what they would change in there video clip. How can they explain a topic better?

Part five: On to the big screen! (Optional)
Use movie maker with your class to put all the clips together and create a video. Then you can easily share the videos with other classes, parents or teachers. Our class will be sharing their video with our partner school in Ecuador.
Teacher note : If you specifically like the way a group is work cooperatively…take out your camera and take a clip so you can discuss how important it is to work well in a group and what exactly working well in a group means.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Have students solve word problms with speed= distance / (divided by) time
Extension: Have students create a trivia question to add in the video between each clip to keep their audience thinking.
Materials: Video Tools, Elementary, Batteries, Projectors, Flip Video, Whiteboards