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Math Movie Monday

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Keywords: Math Movie Monday
Subject(s): Technology, Math
Grades K through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: St. Michael Catholic School, Garden City, SC
Planned By: Anne Harris
Original Author: Anne Harris, Garden City
The lesson would begin with teacher instruction of a new concept. Let's say the concept is shape recognition. The teacher introduces shapes and spends a few minutes going over their specifications. Students are then divided into pairs or small groups, depending on class size. Each group gets a Flip and goes about the classroom to create questions pertaining to shapes (or whatever the concept is). For example, the children in kindergarten may get a puzzle, a puppet, and a round basket and put them on a table. Then they begin filming and ask "Which of these things is a rectangle?" They hum or sing for a few seconds, then point out the correct answer. Each child in the group makes up a certain number of questions. Again, depending on class size. I have 16 kids. I would have each child do 3 or 4 questions. When all of the groups have finished fliming their questions, the groups exchange Flips. The children then look at and answer the questions on the Flip that they were just given. In kindergarten we could do a "happy dance" for each questions we got correct. Older children could get stickers, or clap when they get one right, so the teacher can assess how each child is doing.

The beauty of this lesson is that it can be for ANY concept. When we do addition and subtraction, the kids would be making up problems. "Here are 3 blocks, if I add 4 more, how many do you have?" They are actually seeing the problem and it is a higher level thinking skill for them to actually have to create problems themselves. Of course, some children would need extra guidance at the beginning.

After all questions have been answered, I would pull all students back to their seats to review and discuss their questions. Downloading all of the Math Movie Mondays and making a disc, would be a wonderful momento for any parent.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
The concept can be adapted for any grade and any subject. Older grades could act out famous Americans or battles in History. The possibilities are endless. It gets the children working together, gets them out of their seats, and lets the teacher see who understands the concept as he/she walks about the room as questions are being filmed. And the children would LOVE it! They can make up their own song or tune for the "thinking time" while the person solves their question
Materials: Flip Video