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Cheesy Connections

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Keywords: Flip Video,
Subject(s): Technology, English/Language Arts
Grades 9 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Hutto High School, Hutto, TX
Planned By: Jacqueline A. Casey
Original Author: Jacqueline A. Casey, Hutto
• Plan a cheesy video to teach an SAT word
• Use at least 3 different shots in video
• Plan a shoot using video cameras
• Edit and finalize cheesy video (1-2 mins) for showing
• Critique the Cheesiness of each video

There are many professionally produced vocabulary videos on the market. It is
known that students learn best through doing themselves-actively. Therefore, this lesson was created to have them produce their own video. Students who can relate to the people and settings in the video tend to internalize the information permanently, as proven with research. We also know from research that the more “cheesy” something is, the more we remember it.

Getting Ready
Teacher will discuss SUCCESs (Simplicity, Unexpectedness, Concreteness,
Credibility, Emotions, and Stories) with the students in producing memorable
videos. All vocabulary words should be defined and in the students’ writer’s
notebook. Students are allowed to choose their partner or threesome due to the need of some outside work. They will need to set up a wiki to record all their ideas and plans. Teacher also has students set up criteria for the final student critique.

Lesson Steps
1. Teacher presents and discusses the SUCCESs steps to a memorable presentation.
2. Teacher shows the example videos and has discussion concerning SUCCESs elements.
3. Present video shots. Have students use at least three different shots in own videos. The shots must be shown in their story boards.
4. Students choose groups. (2 to 3 in each group)
5. Groups discuss which word they wish to create their cheesy video on. They will have three just in case another group gets their word first. They will need to discuss ideas for their video using the SUCCESs elements.
6. Students then choose a number to see who gets to go first, second, third, …in order to choose their word. Once they have their word, a wiki will need to be set up at this time to record all their ideas for their video.
7. Teacher gives brief lesson on the expectations, shoot record, storyboard, and rubric.
8. Set up shoot days so students will be able to have their props and any costumes they will need for those days.
9. Once the video is shot, students will need several days in the lab to download and edit their final product.
10. Have a Cheesy Connection Fair and allow students to bring eats and drinks. Play the videos and have student groups critique each of the videos.
11. Teacher replays one video a week to help students internalize the vocabulary information.
12. Students will then post their videos on their wiki spaces and share the address with others for future study. The videos are also posted on the teacher website.

Assessment Opportunities
Shoot Record
Video (teacher rubric)
Critique (student created expectations)

Teacher video example of facetious
Student example The Assuaging Couch

Supporting Documents
Story board
Shoot record
SUCCESs teacher information
Shot powerpoint
Inspiration map for lesson flow Vi-Vi-Video

SAT Vocabulary

Grade Level(s)

Subject TEK(S)
ELA: 1A-Academic English Words;
13A-Planning content;
13B-structure ideas;
15D-produce a multimedia presentation

Technology TEK(S)
7C-Create video products for a variety
of purposes & audiences;
8D-extend learning beyond walls through creation and sharing of video products;
8-H-engage in preproduction activities; 8L-apply appropriate post production techniques;
12A-Evaluate the project
for design, content delivery, purpose, and audience using established

Example video
Varies to student needs
Shoot record
Flip Video cameras
Video editing software
Computer lab

Time Requirements
1-2 days for the initial lesson
Outside time will vary with group
Set up two class periods to video
Set up two class periods to edit
Set up one class period for viewing

Vocabulary meanings and usage
Technology use for creating ways of learning

Time management
Visualization of ideas
Transitioning plan to reality

SAT vocabulary lists

Recommended Group Size
Group of two to three students

Create Music Videos for vocabulary
Materials: Flip Video, Portable, Projector Screens, Video Tools, CDs and DVDs, Integrating Technology
Other Items: None