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Flat Stanley

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Keywords: comprehension, writing, video, filming, reading, journal, flat stanley, diversity
Subject(s): Video, Technology, Geography, Writing, English/Language Arts
Grades 1 through 2
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Literacy First Charter School, El Cajon, CA
Planned By: Joshua DuCharme
Original Author: Joshua DuCharme, El Cajon
This lesson is a month long lesson and requires the use of technology and parent help. Students will begin reading a book called Flat Stanley written by Jeff Brown which should take about a week. After the book, they will create their own version of Flat Stanley and take him home where they will write a daily journal of their adventures at home with him. They will also film their daily adventures with him to be able to share with the class. The writing and filming process should take a week at home to do and then a week later the students will share their adventures with the class. Students will learn about new places and experiences from different cultures which will help to expand the idea of diversity in the world we live in. Being able to visually see the adventures brings new life rather than just reading about the adventures.

Grade Level: 1st through 2nd

Subjects: LA, Geography, Writing

Title of lesson: Flat Stanley's Adventures

Concept/Topic: Read, write, and film your own adventures with Flat Stanley.

CA state standards:
2.5 Restate facts and details in the text to clarify and organize ideas.
1.1 Group related ideas and maintain a consistent focus.
1.2 Create readable documents with legible handwriting.
2.1 Write brief narratives based on their experiences:
a. Move through a logical sequence of events.
b. Describe the setting, characters, objects, and events in detail.
Social Studies:
2.2 Students demonstrate map skills by describing the absolute and relative locations of
people, places, and environments.

General Goals: Read and comprehend the story of Flat Stanley. Write about your own adventures at home with your created Flat Stanley. Film your adventures with your created Flat Stanley and share it with the class.

Required Materials: Flat Stanley the book, Writing journal pg, video/still shot camera

Direct Instruction: Teacher will show the children the proper ways to write a daily journal for their adventures of their own created Stanley. Teacher will then show the children how to film parts of their adventures and not all of them in order to capture key moments to show to the class about their adventures with Flat Stanley.

Guided Practice: Students will create a mock daily journal of their adventures with their Flat Stanley helping them to prepare for the actual writing of their daily journals with Flat Stanley.

Assessment: Students will be assessed 3 times. Once during the reading of the book and checking for comprehension, twice for the daily journal writing, and third by the actual filming of their adventures with Flat Stanley.

Extensions: Students can send their Flat Stanley to friends and relatives and they can do the same thing we did helping to bring about diversity and developing new schema for the places that students might not have gone to or seen.
These cameras would benefit the students who cannot afford these types of cameras and would alleviate the use of my personal camera being used by students.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Discuss in Social Studies all of the locations that Flat Stanley has been to and where those locations are and how their geography and climates are similar and different than our current location.
Students can send their Flat Stanleys to relatives and friends who can add more to Stanley's adventures and the places that he has been. Students will be able to see other parts of the US and possibly the world.
Materials: Video Cameras, Flip Video
Other Items: 20 Flip UltraHD™ 1 Hour Video Came, $150.00 each, total of $3000.00