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Noun Book Videos

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Keywords: Flip Video, Nouns, Reading, Viewing and Presenting, Grammar, Technology
Subject(s): Speech and Language, Spelling, English/Language Arts, Information Skills, Reading, Writing, Technology, Social Skills, Video
Grades 1 through 3
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Whispering Wind Elem School, Phoenix, AZ
Planned By: Camella McGhie
Original Author: Camella McGhie, Phoenix
Noun Video Lesson Plans


60 minutes
*10 Flip cameras for classroom use
*1 or 2 adult helpers if you feel you need them
*Noun Books created from the previous lessons (Lesson plan for noun books are included below; but this lesson can be adapted for use with any project the students have just completed.)

Learning Goals and Objectives:
1. Student will demonstrate use of technology by working with a partner to create noun video.
2. Student will demonstrate interpersonal skills by working with a partner to share a camera and to record each other -offering support and encouragement to each other as they work.
3. Student will demonstrate "viewing and presenting" skills, in accordance with first grade standards, by creating, viewing, and presenting a visual aid to demonstrate learning
4. To develop an entry for the student's Video Portfolio to be sent home with the student at the end of the semester
5. To create a video recording that can downloaded to DVDs to send home with parents at parent conferences.

1. 15 minutes: Call students to the rug area. When they are listening quietly, explain that they will be working in pairs to create a video of each other, as they present their noun books.

Their goal is to create a video that explains what a noun is by showing and explaining their noun books. They will introduce themselves and their book by stating their name, that this is a noun book, that a noun is a person, place, or thing. They will show each category in their book and how and why each picture is included in that particular category. They may conclude by singing the noun song -if they choose, and by smiling and saying "goodbye."

--Go over the following "Things to remember" (below) while demonstrating with one of the Flip CAMERAS:
--Show them the on/off switch and the record, stop record, pause buttons. Show them the lens and how to keep their fingers clear of the lens, and how to use the wrist strap. Emphasize that "if they wiggle while holding the camera" the video will "wiggle." --although a little wiggling won't spoil the video, they will want to keep the camera still, if they can. Explain to the students that a few mistakes will not spoil the video; but if they are truly unhappy with how it is going, they can always stop and start the recording over, if they like ----This helps the students to relax, if they know they can always do it over again! Demonstrate how to make the video by presenting the first few pages and the final page (with song) yourself, of one of the books, while a volunteer records you. As you work, ask for questions and comments. Demonstrate smiling, speaking with a clear loud voice, saying hello and goodbye, holding the book so that it doesn't block your face, starting and stopping over if they really need to, and stopping the camera as soon as they are done, so as to save the battery.

2. 15 minutes: Divide students up into pairs and give them their noun books. Give them 15 minutes to practice presenting their books to each other, and to figure out what they want to say, without actually using the cameras. Have them practice singing the "Noun Song" in case they decide to use it on camera.

3. 30 minutes: Walk around the classroom and listen in as students are practicing. As soon as one pair sounds "ready" give them a camera and have them take turns recording each other, while they present their book. Have the pair who is recording, work in a quiet corner so they are not picking up the sounds of other groups. Some students can even work in the hall, if it is quiet there. Emphasize that if they don't like their recording, they can always push "stop." Then just start over with a new recording. Also emphasize that the cameraman can help the presenter by letting them know if they need to "raise their chin", "talk louder", "smile," etc. The cameraman must always use a friendly kind voice when doing so, and must remember that if he talks it will be recorded--often meaning they will need to start over. So only interrupt the presenter if it would really make a big difference in the recording. They are to push "stop" as soon as they are through recording, and return the camera to the teacher.

4. Continue walking around and handing out cameras to those who are ready to record, until every student has finished their video. One or two parent helpers can assist, if need be.

5. Share the videos at snack time: When the videos are complete, download them to your computer. Each day, show two or three of the videos while students are eating snack, until all the videos have been viewed by the students.

6. Download the videos to your students' videos portfolios, if you use those. It is also nice to download each to a DVD disk to hand to parents during parent conferences, as a sample of their student's learning.

Below are the lists of "Things to Remember" for the presenter and for the cameraman:

While presenting their book on camera, they need to remember to:
- Speak clearly (slow it down, if you are talking too fast)
-Speak loudly
-Speak slowly (people sometimes talk faster than ears can hear ---so slow it down)
-Look at the camera as much as they can (and smile)
-Show their noun book to the camera without letting it block their faces --shoulder height works well.
-Remember to start out by saying "Hello" and by stating their name, and by smiling!
-A good start is "Hello, my name is __________________, and this is my noun book (remember to smile!)
-They need to tell what a noun is, show and explain their book (remember to smile)
--At the end, they may choose to sing the song on the back cover, or not --their choice! (Remember to smile at the camera)
-When finished, wave at the camera, and say "Goodbye." (Remember to smile)

The person holding the camera needs to:
-Know how to turn the camera on and off
-Know how to stop and start the recording
-Remember to keep their finger out from in front of the lens
-Remember to hold the camera as still as they can
-Remember to turn the camera off, whenever it is not in use, to save battery
-Always walk, never run, when carrying the camera
-Use the wrist loop to prevent the camera from falling to the floor

Note: In this lesson, students use noun books for their videos; but the videos could be made using almost any project that the students have just completed.

Materials needed:
*PowerPoint "Can You Name the Noun?" by LA Project http://classroom.jc-schools.net/la/activities/Name-It_files/v3_document.htm
* Copies of the song "Nouns are Names" -- 1 for each child. A copy can be found at the following link. For best results, copy and paste the address into your browser.


Scroll way down the page to the song titled Nouns --sung to the tune of Polly Wolly Doodle.
*A pre-made noun book (6 sheets of construction paper stapled together, with My Noun Book on the front in dotted text. You will need 6 sheets of 11" by 12" construction paper, stapled down one side to form a book. - 2 sheets of yellow, 2 sheets of green, and 2 sheets of blue construction paper stapled together, in that order.
*Labels for the book, typed in dotted text: 3 of Person, 4 of Places, 3 of Things.
*A variety of magazines that have pictures appropriate for first graders. National Geographic is great for pictures; but first I needed to remove all the inappropriate pictures.)
*Fine tipped markers for labeling
*Student list of steps for completing the Noun Books -- one per student
*Check sheet for completion -- one per student
*10 Flip Video cameras for classroom use

1. Use PowerPoint to intro lesson on nouns: 10 minutes
Work through the PowerPoint, having kids help you name the persons, places and things in the pictures. Have students raise their hands as I point to words in the sentence, to see if they agree that it is a noun. At the end, emphasize that a place is somewhere that you can go to. It might be somewhere that you go to take a walk, to shop, to sleep, live, go to school, etc. Emphasize that this same powerpoint will be set up on 2 computers in the classroom, and that they will each have an opportunity to use the computers later during centers-time.

2. Whole Group Picture Sort: 10 minutes
Bring kids over to the rug area. Columns with the headings PERSON, PLACE, and THING already placed in a large pocket chart. Have a number of large pictures to show. Show pictures and ask students to volunteer to come up and place pictures into the correct columns, in the pocket chart.

3. Sing song; "Nouns are Names." Hand out copies of the song and have students practice singing together.

4. Students will create their noun books: 45 minutes and on-going during snack time.
Show students sample of Noun Book. Emphasize, "IF IT'S NOT DONE WELL, IT'S NOT DONE." Emphasize that tomorrow we will have two things that we will do with our Noun Books. We will complete the labeling, and we will make movies in which they will show and evaluate their Noun Books.
The pieces of the books are all previously prepared ---blank books are stapled together with dotted labels and a copy of the song for gluing to back cover, already tucked inside. Glue sticks, and magazines will be on back table.
Go over the list of steps in completing the book. Each student will receive his or her own list.
Show them where and how to find pictures to use in their books.

They will need:
The pre-stapled blank book with a title page, and 2 pages for each category of Persons, Places, and Things.
Magazines from which to cut pictures
A copy of the song "Nouns are Names"
A list of the steps for completing
Check sheet for completion
Peel and stick labels to go under each picture

Explain that they will need at least 3 pictures for each category. They will need to cut neatly around the edges of their pictures. Glue it to the correct page--pictures of persons on the persons page, things on the things page, and places on the places pages. When they have their pictures glued, the next step will be to place a file folder label, peel and stick, under each picture. In tomorrow's lesson, we will be writing words under the pictures. They will need to write their name, using their best handwriting on the front of the book, and glue a copy of the song Nouns are Names on the outside back cover.

Scoring and labeling their Noun Book: 45 minutes

Note: An additional lesson will be needed for labeling the pictures. The labeling will meet part of the first grade standards in writing and will be a follow up lesson for the next day.

At least 3 pictures for each category
Pictures are glued in the correct categories
Pictures are cut neatly around the edges
Pictures are glued well enough so that they don't fall out
A file folder label is affixed under each picture
Name is written on the front with best handwriting and proper letter formation
A copy of the song is glued to the back

I print off a copy of these for each student:

Directions for Making "My Noun Book"
1. Trace over the dotted letters on the front of the book that say "My Noun Book."

2. Write your name in your very best handwriting.

3. Take the Person, Place, Thing labels and trace over all the dotted lines very carefully with a marker. Use any color you like, just so that the letters show up. Check your work. The letters should look NEAT and EASY TO READ. If you make a mistake, let your teacher know. She will give you new labels.
What if you prefer to hand-write the words directly on the page, and skip the labels? You may do that. Just write first in pencil, then trace with a marker.

4. Glue the "Person" label to the top, outside corner of each yellow page (not counting the front cover.) (3 all together.)

5. Glue the "Place" label to the top outside corner of each green page. (4 all together.)

6. Glue the "Thing" label to the top outside corner of each blue page, not counting the back cover. (3 all together.)

7. Glue the song "Nouns are Names" to the back cover.

Nowyou are ready to cut out pictures for your noun book.
1. Cut the pictures out neatly. No jagged edges.
2. Cut off any extra words that you don't want.
3. Decide whether the pictures are of a person, place, or thing and glue them carefully on to the correct page.
4. Use glue sticks.
5. Glue them so that there are no loose edges.
6. Use enough pictures so that each page looks full.


Materials: Speech and Language, Student Resources, Batteries, Flip Video