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Project: Mother’s Day Video

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Keywords: Mother's Day, Video
Subject(s): Video, Technology, English/Language Arts
Grades P-K through 8
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Brigantine North Middle School, Brigantine, NJ
Planned By: Ruthann Meyer
Original Author: Ruthann Meyer, Brigantine
1- Students will learn how to interview and film young children developing an understanding of the special adaptations filmmakers make when working with very young children.
2- Students collaborate to design a set and theme idea with the kindergarten teacher(s).
3- Student teams will film the kindergartners speaking, singing and reading, and will edit and produce a final video to be shown at the Mothers Day Tea for the parents.
Time: 4 – 6 periods
Pre-approved questions, designed set, video camera (Flip), microphones, editing tools, DVD burner, blank DVD(s), andprevious samples (if available)
{AR.7- A.2} Use domain-specific vocabulary relating to symbolism, genre, and performance technique in all arts areas.
{AR.7- C.4} Describe and analyze the components of theatrical design and production.
{AR.7- D.4} Identify careers and lifelong opportunities for making art.
{AR.7- C.3} Explain the interdependent relationship between the performance, technical design, and management functions of production.
{AR.7- B.1} Evaluate the judgment of others based on the process of critique.
{AR.7- B.2} Compare and contrast the technical proficiency of artists.
{AR.7- A.1} Analyze how technological changes have influenced the development of the arts.
{TEC.5-8.} The use of technology and digital tools requires knowledge and appropriate use of operations and related applications.
{TEC.5-} Create a multimedia presentation including sound and images.
{TEC.5-} Select and use appropriate tools and digital resources to accomplish a variety of tasks and to solve problems.
{TEC.5-} Design and create a product that addresses a real-world problem using the design process and working with specific criteria and constraints.

• Discuss project with students
• Show movies from previous years
• Discuss and select a theme and setting.
• Have a team meet with the kindergarten teacher to discuss time, questions, clips, etc.
• Establish a due date.
• Students begin interviewing the individual students, marking down the names to be edited in at a later date.
• Film teams make sure students are comfortable and can answer the questions. This may mean reviewing the question and providing verbal prompts if necessary.
• Students film class songs and any other special events to be added to the final DVD.
• Kindergarten students are escorted by film team to and from Kindergarten classroom.
• Teams import and edit interviews.
• Any additional segments (poems, songs, etc) are edited into production.
• Copyright free Music (Sentimental and copyright free if available) is added to create a mood.
• Final product is burned to DVD for class viewing and then played for the moms and mom-figures who attend the annual Mother’s Day Tea..
• Additional copies are made for each mom if teacher provides blanks.

Effort and Attitude
Successful completion w/i deadlines set at beginning of project.
Participation in all activities.
Quality of completed product
Competency in editing using video editing software (Tool Factory Movie Maker)
Interpersonal dynamics with younger students.
Successful collaboration of video teams.
These DVDs are a truly treasured keepsake for moms. IT is also a wonderful collaborative project where the older students work with the younger students.
Materials: DVD/VCR Players, CDs and DVDs, Video Tools