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Dying Plant Mystery

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Keywords: animation, plants, science, basic needs,
Subject(s): Video, Technology, Writing, Animation, English/Language Arts, Science
Grades 2 through 4
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Willow Creek Elementary School, Kingwood, TX
Planned By: Cathy Eng
Original Author: Cathy Eng, Kingwood
Prior knowledge: Basic needs of plants

Review the basic needs of plants.

1. Pose this problem to the students: Pretend you own a plant that suddenly begins to lose leaves and wilt.

2. The students will work in groups to create an animation which demonstrates several possible solutions to help the plant become healthy again. Using this information students must create a story board or graphic organizer that segments how this problem may have occurred and a possible solution to the problem.

3. Students will create a stop motion video as a final product. They may use wire and clay to create animations or use drawings with movable components that can be filmed against a flat background. Note: Students will need to shoot about 10 photos for every second of film.

4. Following the filming, students can create a script and an audio file to narrate the film. Students must incorporate correct names for parts of plant and describe their solution to the problem of the dying plant.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This process can be used to explore any area of study. Simply change the question posed to the students so that they are using their instruction to problem solve and use higher level thinking skills.
Materials: Flip Video, Point and Shoot, Projector Screens, Video Tools, Tripods, Mice, Flash/USB Drives, Animation, Student Resources
Other Items: clay