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Who is Robert M. Glass? - Black History Month

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Keywords: African Americans, history, photostory
Subject(s): Social Studies, History
Grade P-K
School: Kannapolis Middle School, Kannapolis, NC
Planned By: Karen Braswell
Original Author: Mary Silgals, Mt Pleasant
Who is Robert M Glass?

South Carolina History – Photo Story Project – The African American in the Military

Since we finished watching the movie “Glory” and there were several questions raised about what African Americans’ roles were in the military during the Civil War, and since it is Black History month, I thought we should explore the history of African Americans in the military more in depth. The following project will allow us to examine the changing roles African Americans have had while serving during times of slavery and during times of “freedom.” I would ask that you also, during your research, look for information and statistics about the role of South Carolinians African Americans.


You will create a Photo Story on African Americans in the military during one of the following wars:
___________________________________________ World War I
___________________________________________ World War II
___________________________________________ Korean War
___________________________________________ Vietnam War
___________________________________________ Persian Gulf War
___________________________________________ Invasion of Afghanistan
___________________________________________ Invasion of Iraq

For your slides, answer the following questions:

1. Time period of the war (years)
2. Number of soldiers serving by race
3. Number of casualties by race
4. Role of the African American – Spend some time researching this topic. This is the heart of your presentation.
5. Could they serve as an officer? Highest ranking officer?
6. Heroes? Names and military honor?
7. Famous South Carolinians?

You are to have transitional slides between each category, photos, narrations, and charts and graphs (statistics). Do your best work and show me the skills you have learned!!!!
PhotoStory is available from Microsoft. The students can use this same time of assignment and use MovieMaker3 and use their interviewing skills.
Links: Information on Robert Glass
Materials: Video Cameras, Flash Memory Camcorders, Flip Video, Digital Voice Recorders, MP3 Players, Microphones, Printers, Social Studies, Word Processor, Keyboarding, Authoring and Publishing, Timeline, Screen Capture, Dyslexia