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Recycling PSA

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Keywords: film, environment, recycling, public speaking, speech,
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Information Skills, Earth Science, Service Learning, Science
Grades 9 through 12
School: Kannapolis Middle School, Kannapolis, NC
Planned By: Karen Braswell
Original Author: Lauren Coupland, Brighton
Recycling PSA Lesson Plan
Topic: Recycling Public Service Announcement
Subject: Service Learning
Grade Level: 9-12th
Lesson Duration: 1.5 weeks

Equipment: Flip video cameras, computers, Tool Factory Movie Maker

Students will be able to …
• Apply the three types of appeals (pathos, ethos, and logos) in persuasion
• Explain the benefits of recycling
• Explain the harms of pollution

Activity Directions
• Read an article about the Pacific Garbage Pile and discuss.
• Watch the first 10 minutes of Wall-E and compare the article to the movie.
• Have students research how recycling helps the environment and present to the class.
PSA examples
• Watch the PSA’s “Bag the bag” and “This bulb”
• Discuss what makes a PSA
• Appeals Notes
• Watch the PSA “Was” and have students describe how the video used Pathos, Ethos and Logos.
• Have students brainstorm in groups what types of materials could go into a public service announcement about recycling.
Gather Materials
• Have students find 5 photos of animals hurt by pollution and 5 facts about pollution/recycling.
Write Script
• Have students write a script.
• Make a story board for the film and images with voiceover text.
• Have students film the individual scenes and
• Have students import the video into Tool Factory Movie Maker.
• Import the pictures of the animals.
• Record the sound for the voiceovers.
• Edit together the PSA
• Screen the PSA at the next all school assembly.

Materials: Word Processor, Video Tools, Flip Video