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Capturing Dance Through Photography

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Keywords: Dance
Subject(s): Photography, Writing
Grades 7 through 8
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Sarasota School-Arts & Science, Sarasota, FL
Planned By: Amber Evans-Salazar
Original Author: Amber Evans-Salazar, Sarasota
As a teacher of the arts, I think that it’s important for the students to experience dance in all aspects. The project I would like to introduce to my 7th & 8th grade dance students is, “Capturing Dance Through Photography”. This project would give my students the opportunity to look at dance and movement in a different light, and the chance to photograph and model for dance photography.
Students partaking in the project would be assigned to small groups and would come up with a theme, short story, pose, costume and location for their photos. Students will use different types of dance styles to shed light on their uniqueness and beauty. They would use locations such as their school, parks, and locations throughout Sarasota, Florida. I would also like to bring in guest speakers, such as photographers who specialize in photographing movement to help the students. Students will select and print their photos and create photo albums or scrapbooks of their photography and will write short stories to go along with their pictures.
Sarasota is very rich with art. Theatres such as the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall & Asolo Theatre, museums such as “The Ringling Museum”, The Sarasota Ballet, and much more. Our school is in the Sarasota School of Arts & Sciences is a charter school in the heart of the Rosemary District which is a growing community in downtown Sarasota, Fl. Our students get the opportunity to experience so many aspects of the arts; through performance, fieldtrips, and guest speakers. As a dance teacher I believe that students should have the opportunity to be enriched in the arts in every aspect. Dance photography is art! The two combined can make for a very different and enriching learning experience!

Materials needs:
15 digital cameras of 8 or more mega-pixels
I digital printer
15 memory cards
15 camera bags
15 Camera batteries
60 Presentation Folders
5 packs of (50 count) photo paper
This is a very unique project. It is a great way to incorporate the use of technology into dance.
Students will present their photo albums & stories to their class. Photos and stories will be choosen for display in the dance classroom and throughout the school.
Materials: Digital Cameras, Printers, Camera Bags, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Memory Cards
Other Items: 5 Photo paper 8 1/2 X 11 (50 pack), $9.99 each, total of $49.95
60 Staples presentation binder, $3.99 each, total of $239.40