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Mr. and Mrs. Egghead go Bungee Jumping

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Keywords: Flip Video, Hooke's Law, physics
Subject(s): Science, Math, Physics
Grades 9 through 12
School: Digital Wish, Manchester Center, VT
Planned By: Heather Chirtea
Original Author: Paul Jebb, Ticonderoga
Students are given a 200 g block of wood (4 cm x4 cm x 20 cm) and an egg is glued to one end. The blocks and eggs are decorated massed and put aside. Student teams are then given 10 rubber bands, a spring scale, and a meter stick. The students are then instructed to use the equipment to determine the relationship between stress and strain as the rubber bands are linked together. Based on the information gathered and their analysis of Hooke's law (Stress = kStrain), the students then decide a height from which to drop Mr. or Mrs. Egghead when attached to the "bungee cord". The flip camera is then used to film the bungee jump and see how close to the floor Mr./Mrs. Egghead coming without breaking the egg. The ratio of height dropped to distance from the floor is then used to determine the champion. The prize for the best jump is a flip camera.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Art used to decorate the toys.
Write a lab report and critique on how to improve methodology
Materials: Flip Video