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Creating insects puppet show

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Keywords: Science, Peforming, English/Language Arts. Reading, Writing, Technology
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Life Science, Technology, Science, Drama
Grades 1 through 3
School: PS 95 Eastwood, Jamaica, NY
Planned By: Rosa Rodriguez
Original Author: Hyomin NAM,
The teacher will motivate students by introducing the world of insects in the website. The students will watch "ladybug" song on the website. Teacher will let them know the rhyme with beating sounds.
- The language skills (The first week)
1. Students will solve the problems about ladybugs words by using power point program (Crossword and Word puzzle)
4. Each student will choose a rhyming word in the Ladybug poetry and read it.
5. Students will compare and contrast sentence by sentence between cricket and grasshopper by using Ben Diagram.
6. Students will design a newsletter about insects’ life by using Word program. At this point, they can use word newsletter template.

- The Characteristics of Insects(The second week)
1. According to the book Ladybugs and the other insects, students will explore the characteristics of insects such as bees, butterfly and dragonfly. They will learn about the differences bugs and insects by exploring the virtual insect museum.
2. Students will view pictures of different kinds of ladybugs in CD-ROM encyclopedias and the website
3. Students will observe ladybug anatomy on the website like http://www.geocities.com/sseagraves/ladybuganatomy.htm.
Studnet will make miniportfolio about the stages of development from eggs to mature adult ladybugs.
4. Students will have opportunity to draw pictures with painting computer program or, drawing materials. When completed, teacher will compile their drawings to share by using Photo Story3.
5. Students will observe the different features of each insect like the different patterns on their bodies. Student will have lab worksheet about insects.
6. Students will have the 'What am I?" quiz game by using Power Point program.
For example, I am to sip nectar with my long tongue.
Pollen from flowers sticks to the hairs on my body. What am I?)

Writing application and Creating stories. (The Third week)
1. Students will read and understand the author's purpose for the discipline.
Displayed book titles during this plan:
Ladybugs and other insects by scholastic
Ladybug by Robert M. McClung
Ladybug by Barrie Watts
Amazing insects by Mound, L.A.
Are you a Ladybug? By Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries
Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home by Judy Hawes
1001 bugs to spot by scholastic
Field trip facts by the Magic School Bus
Guinness world records by scholastic
Gets Ants in its pants by scholastic
2. Students will then write creative stories having ladybugs main characters along with other insects for the puppet show that the teacher will give some tips how to write stories and students will choose a production format: chant, play, dance, and so on.
3. Students will extend the story by imagining what happened if they were insects.
4. Students will discuss about their lesson by group.

Visual and Performing Arts(The fourth week)
1. Students will be divided small groups to create your own puppets with the photocopied pictures of the insects. They will observe the different features of insects and ladybug.
2. Student will learn about how to make a puppet. The teacher will ask students to use different materials to create their puppets. The teacher must encourage the children to explore the different materials and diverse software tool.
- The simplest puppet is a cut out prepared/drawn insects’ pictures/photos.
- Or, students may use the download of paper bag puppets.

3. Students will perform their puppet show introducing their main theme as group members in front of class and record the play to upload to the class blog.

4. Edit it with music background and sound effect with movie editing software.
5. They are having the (e)portfolio of their investigating insects.
Link to resources for christian teachers
Link to Insect
Link to Ladybugs
Materials: Integrating Technology, Clip Art, Worksheets, Sound Libraries, Slideshow, Web Page, Inspiration, Art Tools, Word Processor, Games, Books, Elementary, Writing, Literacy, Reading, Computer Accessories, Camera/Video Accessories, Printers, CDs and DVDs, Televisions, Projector Screens, Projectors, Digital Cameras