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Beach Clean Up

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Keywords: environment, citizenship, community
Subject(s): Biology, Photography, Science, Journalism, Life Science, Earth Science, Math, English/Language Arts
Grades 6 through 8
NETS-S Standard:
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Digital Citizenship
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School: Olive Vista Middle School, Sylmar, CA
Planned By: Brent Obillo
Original Author: Brent Obillo, Sylmar
Students will begin the day with a short introduction from Heal The Bay regarding what pollution to our beaches means, where it comes from and explain the importance of preventing it.

Students will take part in coastal clean up, logging their experience via pictures and video. Recording their thoughts in the moment via photos and video, they will have a personal journal of the day.

Students will return to class and share their experiences with other students. Together, they will formulate a campaign to share with the school community what they can do to help keep out oceans cleaner.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Students can use their data from the clean up to interpolate the entire coast, then compare to the actual measured.
Students will create a community plan that the school can share to help keep the oceans cleaner.
Materials: Digital SLR
Other Items: 1 Canon EOS Rebel T3 DSLR, $450 each, total of $450.00