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Digital Manipulation:

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Keywords: photography, manipulation
Subject(s): Art
Grades 6 through 8
School: Southern Columbia Middle School, Catawissa, PA
Planned By: Ed Rhoades
Original Author: Ed Rhoades, Catawissa
Digital Manipulation:

The activities used while being fun and elicit creative responses from students also teach camera and computer skills that have practical applications.

Using camera to create source material
Digitally manipulating photographs
Animating images


Discuss fantasy ideas that students might create from a photograph of themselves.
Examples used by past students
Student changing into a tiger http://www.scolumbiasd.k12.pa.us/hs/art/tigergirl.htm
Student changing into a space alien
Student growing huge muscles
Student changing into


Students photograph each other
Working individually or in teams, students begin the process of deciding how to
achieve the digital fantasy

A folder is made on the computer to contain the images which are numbered
sequentially. The beginning image is numbered image01.jpg
A slight change is saved as image01.jpg
The next change is saved as image02.jpg etc.
One example is a student changing themselves into the Hulk.
With each image, the student uses the liquefy tool in Photoshop (crtl, shift, X)
And uses the magnetic lasso tool to separate an area which was made a little
darker green with each change. (ctrl U)
After the series of images are created, the student jumps to Image Ready
(shift, ctl, M) where the images are collected and assembled as frames.
A time is assigned to the duration of each image. (As a start, I recommend
Making the first image .5 seconds and each one thereafter .2 seconds with the
final one being a full 2 seconds 2.0 allowing the viewer time to see the complete
The final animation can be saved (Optimized) as an animated GIF (ctrl, alt, S)
or as an html file (ctrl, shift, alt, S)

Another example was a student changing themselves into a tiger (the school
symbol). For this project, the student used a photograph of a tigerís head
and superimposed it over their own head with a layer making it less and less
transparent until their own face was not visible.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Image Ready

There will be occasion for class discussions of the work.
With mention of what was effective and what could be done to improve or change the work in the next animation.
Links: sample: Hulk
Materials: Digital SLR, Mobile Labs, Word Processor, Paint, Camera Bags, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries