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Keywords: book making
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Technology
Grade 6
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
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School: Abby Kelley Foster Reg Charter, Worcester, MA
Planned By: Maryann Kelly
Original Author: Maryann Kelly, Worcester
Publish a book online.
Lesson overview: Students will write 5 short stories in Microsoft Word that will be uploaded to a book publishing website. Each story will be formatted and edited, and will include a picture to enhance the text. Students will assist each other by peer reviewing for content and understanding, and then several students will be assigned as editors to check for grammar and spelling.

1. About the Author
2. My Favorite Memory
3. Describe a character virtue and write a short story describing an example of a a character virtue
4. ELA - My Goals for 6th grade
5. In 15 years I will...

Story will write, edit and complete one story at a time.
Students will be assigned a log on username and password to copy their story online, format the story and add an appropriate picture.
Students will create a title and illustration for the cover of the book.
When all stories are completed, students will send the book to the teacher for approval.
Teacher and parent volunteers will review each completed book to approve or resend back to student to make revisions.
Students will be graded using a checklist of items.
Optional: a personal picture to be sent to the publisher that will be put on the cover of the book.

Each story takes appropriately 2-3 days. It takes 12-15 days to complete all processes.
Materials: Keyboarding, Art Tools, Books, Writing, Clip Art
Other Items: 145 Publishing Kit from Student Treasures, $1.99 each, total of $288.55